Mr. Woodcock

Im sure we have all been there, spent your entire school life dreading for Monday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoon to come round, why, because it involves doing something more than sitting and playing on that new XBOX 360 game you’ve just bought. It involved exercise. The very reason 3 out of 5 days of the school week were hell was because they involved the dreaded games lesson (or gym class as it is called in the USA).

Mr Woodcock is the games teacher that we all feared that we would get when we started school, and for most of us, we were unlucky enough to actually get him.

Every games lesson was an ordeal, being screamed at for being an underachiever, useless person, and a waste of space in the gym. However John Farley was different, he was the author of a best selling book, and was happy to have proved Mr Woodcock wrong. He lived in hope that one day, he could rub the success of his self help book in Woodcocks face.

We should all be careful of what we wish for, as Mr Woodcock not only re-entered Johns life for enough time for John to boast of his success, but to his horror becomes his mothers new boyfriend, and future husband.

This film tackles the underlying emotion that we all have within, that one day we will not only be able to far supersede the expectations of those who thought that we would never do great things, but that they would re-enter our life long enough so that we can tell them how wrong they were!

Mr Woodcock, contains several cheap laughs from the argument over who pays the bill at a restaurant, to who wins the most stuffed animals at a fairground. It is a good film that has a good pace, and doesn’t last any longer than it should do.

If you have high standards of comedy, then like me will occasionally find yourself laughing only because you feel obliged to do so, not because it is funny, but in order not to appear foolish with those who you may be watching it with.

Its an ok film, however I find that my £3 rental fee could have been better used to either rent a film with more laughs, or used to purchase another XBOX 360 game to play on and put off going to the gym for another week.

Was ok 4/10

Was ok 4/10