Monthly Archives: March 2008


Humm, two opinions of this film. The first one is that its different. Created by the same people who created the popular TV program ‘Lost’ the film is seen though a video camera held by one of the actors. This gives the film a ‘different’ viewing perspective although parts of the film could have been viewed from more than one angle. This film reminded me very much of Godzilla, in that it was filmed in New York, had a lizard creature that was threatening humanity, and there was a basic love interest. I don’t think that this film is worth the hype that it has been given. Action sequences were underdeveloped, areas of the film were incredibly far-fetched (like the camera battery lasting for over 2 hours, and not bleeding to death after a metal pipe has been though your chest). This film took an interesting take at portraying a story, it was slow to get started, far-fetched and in my opinion, a film that you can give a miss!