Magic Mouse – Exposé – Problem Solved – BetterTouchTool 1

This is going to be my first technical post, so just a brief bit of background information for you. I am Mac mad! Ever since three years ago I was running Windows and got fed up of the slowness, crashing and giving three of my fingers a work out pressing CTRL, ALT & DEL. So I switched over to the Mac, and haven’t looked back since.

So, a month or two ago I invested in the Apple Magic Mouse (Bluetooth) as the design was sleek, sexy and of course fitted in with the aluminum keyboard, Macbook Pro and Cinema Display. However I hadn’t done my homework properly, as when I got home there was no buttons for me to activate Exposé. I was distraught and immediately went about changing one of my hot corers to Exposé but it never felt right.

Today I stumbled across this amazing free piece of software: BetterTouchTool: It did everything I wanted, the ability to configure virtually any gesture conceivable to invoke a key command, for example; I have a three fingered tap set up to invoke Exposé, this of course can be changed and you can have multiple commands running simultaneously.

This is an amazing piece of freeware, and even though ive only been using it for what is in effect a few hours, the commands I have set up have already become second nature. Well worth a look if you are a Mighty Mouse owner.

BetterTouchTool Developed By: Andreas Hegenberg

Available From Softonic: Click Here