A More Focused Blog From Now On

The first day of 2010 has nearly gone,
What ever you did I hope you had fun.
This year i’ve decided is going to be great,
Full of love, cheer and very little hate.

New Years Day I have spent learning for my exam,
Something very few have done – what a good boy I am.
Looking out the window its started to snow,
Yes I thought I would tell those who don’t yet know.

A past paper I have done a good mark I did get,
Revision is almost complete so I know theres no need to fret.
Today was the paper of the year two thousand and four,
It wasn’t a good year for me – quite a bit of a bore.

Im sitting in my room with a nice cup of tea,
Thinking what to do next – I think ill wait and see.
Formatting a plan of what my blog posts should be on,
Something I enjoy as I each day I want there to be one.

The reason I ask is that up until now there has been no clear path,
Hits on the blog have fluctuated so much – its like a roller coaster graph.
From now on there is one path I want to take – bring it back on track,
After all I want you to keep coming back.

Perhaps ill write a poem each day on what gets me annoyed.
For example why there was icy roads but no gritters were deployed!
So to me that sounds like a plan – ill certainly give it a go,
Do you like the sound of that yes or no – I welcome your comments below!