Frozen UK 2

More snow has hit the UKtoday,
With roads grinding to a halt thats all I can say.
I wish I could say that im surprised by the lack of grit,
But im not and I can categorically say the response has been sh1t.

Roads are closed and and grit is running low,
All because of the falling snow.
How can this be its just frozen water,
Why don’t the councils do more – I think they ought to.

So we have had this forecast for quite a while,
Why didn’t they increase the size of the grit pile.
Gritting only some roads really isn’t winning,
With loads of drivers wheels simply just spinning.

Then to top it all off the schools are now shut,
Which puts parents who are working in a right royal rut.
To leave work early and forfeit a full days pay,
Would their boss be sympathetic – what would they say?

I for one don’t know why when snow falls the UK grinds to a halt,
After all we need is lots and lots of salt.
We should stockpile the stuff for when demand is high,
But somehow I don’t think local government will learn *sigh*

So once again the UK has ground to a halt which isn’t new news,
Why do we in the UK in bad weather always seem to lose.
I don’t understand why we cant do better we’ve sent man to the moon,
However the government need a revised winter action plan – and they need it soon!

Wildlife seem to be the only things not effected by snow.

Wildlife seem to be the only things not effected by snow.