Real Snow Men 6

Rather than revise and make use of their day off school. My brother David, and his friend Itai decided to cover themselves in snow (helped by me). What fun.

David Snowman:


Itai Snowman:

(Videos Taken By: The Mum (Sarah Isaacs)

  • David

    my brother told me to comment so here it is… comment

  • Bill Clinton

    Erm this is the former president of the United States of America! i do not think that this is suitable use of my face! bleh?

    Note Inserted By Moderator: This was in fact a comment by Itai, not Bill Clinton

  • Looks like great fun! Did you have a frozen mince pie David?!

    • David

      it wasnt frozen exactly but extremely cold and hurt my teeth and then i dropped some on the floor and nearly licked it up but my mother said my tongue would freeze and id be stuck there for all eternity.

  • Sadly you listened to me (for once). It would have been amusing to see you stuck there forever!

  • Rachel Emma Isaacs (the one, the only)

    there not men!