First Exam Over, One More To Go

Stats exam is over no more math,
Unless I decide next year to take the Quantitative Methods path.
TBH I found it ok and that I did well,
There is only one way to find out – and time will tell.

If you didn’t know today I did my Statistical methods test,
Which I revised loads for so I really did try my best.
It consisted of MCQs and 2 questions which were essay based.
We had loads of time but even so – time I didn’t waste.

For those who took the same test I did question b1 and c1,
Which is good because speaking to the author b2 was the hardest one.
I took my time and checked my answers and rechecked again,
Just to make sure that the answer I got right as it was the same.

The exam was due to finish at forty minutes past four,
However I took things slowly and so left 30 min before.
I was sat in seat one hundred and twenty-eight,
And arrived 20 min before the start – so I wasn’t late.

I finished the exam and only had one break for the loo,
And immediately rang my mates to see what question they did do.
As luck would have it we all did the same isn’t that flukey
And with 9 days till our last and final exam – thats a thought that is spooky!

One down, one to go! Last exam just over a week away on the 22nd.

One down, one to go! Last exam just over a week away on the 22nd.