Review Of CamTwist 2.1

Ever since I have started using twitter I have found myself wanting to demonstrate the sheer power and ease of use of the OS to my followers live in order to win them over and prevent them from returning to Windows.

There are programs that allow you to ‘screen share’ with users however usually this will allow the 3rd party to control my computer as well, something which I would rather not do. I also have some reservations about giving out my personal IM account details to someone who I am unfamiliar with.

Luckily for me there is a solution that fits the bill and whats more, its free! CamTwist allows you to create a virtual camera of your desktop that can be streamed to services such as Ustream where people can then view what you are doing; and by using the built in chat client from within Ustream ask you question or to demonstrate something.

CamTwist is easy to install, easy to run and comes with a large array of effects that you can add. It is a program that has allowed me to demonstrate a solution to family and friends many a time rather than write out of list of instructions over MSN or try and explain over the phone. For more information and a video demonstration of how CamTwist works, please check out my screencast review below.