A Day Of Relaxation, At Last!

So today is the first day where I don’t have an exam,
What to do what to do I think im gonna need a plan.
I have an exam in over a week so some revision is key,
However I also am due some relaxation so will watch some TV.

A lie in for once is something I will do,
Mind you I call a lie in anything after 8 – what about you?
Have a leisurely breakfast perhaps with jam and toast,
Retiring to bed again to watch My Family – the program I love the most.

Having a shower and getting dressed when I feel good and ready,
I’m in no rush today – im a man of leisure so I’ll take things nice and steady.
Lay on my bed reading a magazine or a book,
Maybe a copy of the metro if I fancy a look.

I’ll pop down for lunch and have a bite to eat,
After maybe some chocolate just for a treat.
Back to my room again for the second time,
And put on a program I missed – Tuesday nights CSI.

I’ll need a nap for tonight I’ll be going out with my mates,
There are 5 of us going so it’s not classed as a date.
We’re going to catch a film and eat at Pizza Express,
Dinner and entertainment – that combo is really the best.

When looking back on today I am sure it’s not to everyone’s taste,
And to some it may even seem a bit of a waste.
However for the past few days I’ve been revising non stop,
So im taking a day out full of enjoyment where my brain can just rot.

Time to relax I think - he's got the idea!

Time to relax I think – he’s got the idea!