The Birth Of A New… Timetable 1

We were told early January, then week commencing 11th January, then we told towards the end of the week and finally 18th Jan at 13:00. As that deadline passes I start to pace up and down the room, the clock moves slower and slower. Quarter-past, then half-past. I enquire as to what the situation is and im told any minute now. Twenty-to, quarter-to, still no news. By the time it actually appeared over week after were originally told, I had been on such an emotional roller-coaster I felt emotionally drained.

Sadly this isn’t a story about an overdue baby, it’s about its spotty youth of a brother and how it never returned home at curfew time as expected. This ladies and gentlemen is the story of the dreaded, despicable UNIVERSITY TIMETABLES!!!

Universities; a brilliant place for education, you walk in an unorganised youth unsure how to pay bills, manage your time or indeed stand on your own two feet; emerging three years later in over £20K worth of debt from tuition fees, working 9-5 and sitting behind a desk for a living. However the one thing that you did learn at university was organisation – how to mange your time effectively. Of course we would all be lying if we said that we never left a single essay to the last-minute; after all how would we then experience the Red Bull, Pro-Plus, caffeine induced ‘all nighter’ that we heard about from our parents days?

This then begs the question, why are people who have graduated from University, work in university and are old enough to have kids themselves in university some of the most unorganised people which this planet does house? Its simple, you take a piece of paper divide it up into five rows (one for each day of the week) and then several coulombs each an hour in length, add some classes some teachers and you have yourself a timetable. If you want to be really adventurous you can have computer software even help you, working out all the best possible combinations of which rooms will be best suited and which have no chairs, desks or floors and therefore should be avoided at all costs. This timetable should then be kept safe and used as the basis for all future timetables with little tweaks being made as class sizes change; but alas it never seems to be that way.

Things need to be made ‘fresh and new’ which begs the questions are we baking a cake or building a timetable? Problems that arise are solved, then rear their ugly head again, each time pushing back the release date of our timetables and tutorial booking or worse – changing it completely! I wouldn’t mind if this year was a one-off, but sadly it isn’t it’s happened three times now.

If this was my friend booking the wrong cinema time, I could forgive him. If this was my family missing my birthday, after a lot of arguments, screaming and shouting I could forgive them. However these two example have something in common, im not paying for them and mistakes like these are unlikely to be made again.

When your paying over three thousand pounds for tuition, getting your timetable is pretty much vital to the whole proposition of being educated. After all the clue is in the title ‘time-table’ IE it should be on time!

I suppose my simily of a youth is quite accurate. Just like a youth, university timetables are late, never say what they mean, constantly change what they say and are highly expensive!

After this, why would anyone want to be a parent for real?

If I had to wait any longer, who knows what might have happend!

If I had to wait any longer, who knows what might have happend!