Three Annoying Things About Facebook 2

Facebook, if not the most popular networking site out there. Started up by Mark Zuckerberg back in 2003 it has become the tool for interacting with friends, family and work colleges; arguably replacing the email and phone call. However as with most things today; it has been turned bad.

Three things annoy me: Unheard of Friend Requests, Groups/Invites & the fact that Facebook is a distraction.

The first thing which I don’t understand is the friend request, but not just any friend request; a request from a person that you have have never heard of. You open up facebook to find ‘Bill Board would like to be your friend’. You search high and low looking for a connection; did you meet Bill on a night out? A holiday perhaps? Is he a friend of a friend? All answers turn back the same response; no. What harm can it do to accept him – so you do; and you never hear from them again. Apart from the next time you open up Facebook ‘Harry Pitts  would like to be your friend’. The search is on again; did you meet him on a night out? No. On a holiday? No, is he a friend of a friend? Yes! He is. Oh no, hes a friend of Bill’s  – who are these people?!

The second thing is the invite. ‘Nick Carr’s has invited you to be a fan of making it through the night without wetting yourself’. Yes its true – I did make it through the night without wetting myself; however I wouldn’t say im a fan of it, its something ive managed for as long as I can remember. Or perhaps ‘Phil Apeno has invited you to the World Record Attempt 2010 – all members of Facebook on one group’ Sounds plausible; apart from the fact that there are about 200 of these groups, all claiming to print the list in the record book; yeh rite. They are going to print all 12,000,000+ names in a book –  I think not.  Then there is the calendar event ‘Marie Wanna wants to invite you to recognize Friday 13th this year on Monday the 21st’ No I don’t want to do that, nor to I want any information on a party that is happening in Australia in three days time; me living in the UK, and not having use of a private jet means that without the use of a teleportation device makes it highly unlikely that I will be able to make it in time. Below is a list of ‘requests’ that I received over the past week – are any of them of any use?

Ok, so some of these groups/events I were interested in. But 9 times out of 10 they were useless rubbish!

Ok, so some of these groups/events I were interested in. But 9 times out of 10 they were useless rubbish!

Finally it’s a distraction – a big one. Ok arguably not as big distraction as Twitter now is for me, or indeed emailing or simply searching for Mac apps; but it is a distraction. Friend finding is perhaps the biggest distraction; trying to find out who Harry and Bill are, drilling down you proper friends lists trying to find a connection; all to no avail. Pictures are also great, looking at what your friends got up to on a drunken night out, rekindling the memories that without photographic evidence you wouldn’t believe would have happened. If you are really board you’ll then look at pictures from people you don’t know, perhaps that of Harry and his latest antics. Then being quite disturbed as to finding out why he added you as a friend; as all is revealed in a photo that Bill has ‘liked’.

Yes I do enjoy Facebook is a brilliant invention; with many great uses; however following some etiquette rules would enhance the experience for all.
1. Only send friend requests if you either know the person/or share the same interests.
2. Don’t impose us to joining stupid groups or events.
3. If you are a member of a Facebook game that keeps you locked in your room all day; please keep it to yourself as I have no use for any animals/cards/cars/bonus points at all; as I steer clear of such ‘enhancements’

Follow the simple rules above and it shall remain a positive experience for all for may years to come!

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