24 – Series 8 – iTunes Series Pass 2

Today sees the start of series 8 of the popular action packed Drama 24 into the UK market. The final series of this one of a kind program has had its UK rights once again purchased by Sky and will be aired tonight (24/01 – interesting date?) with a two-hour special starting at 9pm.

Set in New York, the story follows hero Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) who is once again refusing to return to CTU duty (but having stretched his legs again in series 7 – I don’t think he will remain retired for long) and his attempt to foil a plot to assassinate a Middle Eastern leader during negotiations with US President (Cherry Jones).

There are several reasons why I love 24, and to some extent am sad that this is the last series. Firstly it was the first of its kind; a series of 24 episodes each an hour in length, covering a full days worth of events. It contains a lot of action, suspense, surprises; and seems to trend with current new and terror alerts. This is not to say that its perfect. The shorelines have somewhat been predictable, starting with a form of terror threat (which covers the first 12 hours), then uncovering a government conspiracy in the second half.

If all that doesn’t bother you, and the excitement and thrill of watching it gets your heart racing; then just like me you will have waited with bated breath for series 8 to arrive to the UK. But how exactly will can you watch it?

If you are a Sky or Virgin Media customer then Sky One (or Sky One HD if you have shelled out even more of your British Pounds) is the obvious choice. Getting each episode as it is ‘aired’, however not all have this luxury. You can of course wait for it to be released on DVD – however with the release most likely being towards the end of 2010 or beginning of 2011, a true 24 fan wouldn’t be able to wait this long.

Being a student I have this problem; living away from home meant that I was without the luxury of Sky, yet still wanted to be up-to-date with this drama, so I turned to iTunes. Last year’s season 7 of 24 was the 1st TV Series Pass that I had bought from iTunes and I wasn’t disappointed. Each episode was available to download within a couple of hours of it being aired, and with it being played on my Apple Cinema Display the viewing experience was most enjoyable.

This has once again been offered by iTunes (Click Here For iTunes Store Link), £34.99 will get you a standard definition Season Pass with all episodes being delivered to your computer as soon as they are released by the studio. There has been a lot of ‘bru-ha-ha’ with Apple and Fox not releasing an HD version; however this is something that hasn’t bothered me at all. At the moment I love HD content, however funding and bandwidth restrictions make it unfeasible for me to justify the additional cost that has been levied on other Season Passes of programs that interest me.

I have therefore bought the SD Pass and await the release with great excitement, however being at home this week means that I will be enjoying the first two episodes live on Sky, which of course means the phone will be on the hook, the house will be silent; and no talking will be permitted within a 20 meter radius of the room I am in, let alone in it!

With Sky & Cable not always being available, iTunes is the solution to watch 24 Series 8 ASAP

With Sky & Cable not always being available, iTunes is the solution to watch 24 Series 8 ASAP