What I Want To See From Apple On 27/01 1

Due to Apple not holding a presence at MacWorld this year in order to announce their new products for the upcoming year they have announced a ‘special’ event. First things first, this isn’t going to be a blog post about speculation, its merely a post about what I would like to see from Apple.

1. Tablet: For the past few months every Mac’o’phile has been ‘umming’ and ‘arring’ about the very high chance of Apple releasing some form of Tablet/Notebook device. I for one love this idea, and think that in order for Apple to keep ahead of the game on mobile computing – they do need to put a hand into this pie. A lot has been speculated over what it will look like (my favourite design), however one thing that is clear; if Apple do reveal a device tomorrow it will be the most aesthetically pleasing piece of kit they have developed. The other area of discussion is will it run iPhone or Mac OS. If it transcends that the tablet runs iPhone OS I will instantly have no interest in it (as will most of the people I have spoken to), it will be classed as a glorified iPhone in my eyes and therefore wont be worth the steep price tag that it will inevitably have. I want it to run Snow Leopard (and not a stripped down version either), so that all my ‘tablet like’ applications such as Photoshop and Aperture can be installed. Having an iPhone OS will mean that we are tied into AppStore programs, which whist great on an iPhone, will lack punch if on a large screen device. I really hope that Apple don’t release this device with iPhone OS, as I for one see no use to keep my iPhone company with a big brother device.

2. iPhone: Having said that I don’t what the tablet running iPhone OS doesn’t mean that I don’t want to hear news on whats happening with iPhone 4.0. I would like tomorrows iPhone news to be two fold. Firstly I would like to see a major update to iPhone OS to make more use of the ‘lock’ screen, be able to copy calendar events and remove Apple Apps that I simply don’t use (or have better 3rd party equivalents)! I think it’s highly unlikely that we are going to see iPhone OS 4.0 without a new iPhone, and its a bit too early for that. We may hear news on what it’s going to be like; similar to the way we received new of Snow Leopard; but all in all its far too early for a new iPhone – that will come during the summer.

3. iLife, iWork & MobileMe: It’s a given that there is going to be iLife and iWork ’10, I use iWork quite a bit, in particular Pages for writing essays, and apart from more themes, I would like to see greater support for referencing. iLife will probably see a few updates, but seeing as I very rarely use them any change will be welcome. MobileMe, im going to guess more storage – what I would like to see is iWork.com being included in a MobileMe subscription. I’ve never used iWork.com simply because I refuse to pay for two subscriptions, if Apple combined the two (I would allow a small increase in price) I would be a very happy man. One thing which I would like to see come to MobileMe is the ability to use PHP scripting on my websites. The lack of PHP scripting has driven me to despair, and made me seriously consider other hosting solutions and cancelling my MobileMe membership.

4. Aperture: The main reasons for getting a Mac is that they are known for being a creatives dream, perfect for video and photo editing. Final Cut receives updates throughout the year adding new industry standard features, however on photography, Apples premier piece of software remains outdated. iPhoto the free photo editing software that comes with iLife has features such as geo-tagging and face recognition. Ive paid for an advanced program, yet the free version has more features?!?! Id like to see a revamp of Aperture, to at least bring it inline with what iPhoto offers.

5. Grand Central Dispatch & 64bit: When Snow Leopard was released we heard great things about Grand Central Dispatch and 64 bit. Yet up take has been quite slow. I would like to see most pro apps and all new versions of iLife/iWork run natively in 64bit so that we finally get to use all of what Snow Leopard has.

So that is what I would like to see come tomorrow from Apple, in the past Apples stock have been given a massive turbo boost after these events, and (playing devils advocate) if a tablet isn’t announced – something out of this world better be!