The iPad, A Change Of Heart

Now that the initial impact of the iPad has sunk in I must say that my initial thoughts on the device may have been misplaced, and I will fully admit that I am rethinking what I originally said.

Having heard nothing but iPad news for the past week I had created a device in my mind which I would ideally want the iPad to be, which you can read here; however the past two days got me thinking.

I have a MacBook Pro which I love. Prior to getting an iPhone, every night I used to unplug from its surrounding gear so that I could tweet, IM, write my blog and facebook from in front of the TV; however the iPhone changed that. Rather than unplugging my Mac I simply took my iPhone downstairs fired up Tweetie and I was in business.

Then it suddenly hit me, I loved this. I loved the fact that all my essential Mac Apps had been redeveloped for the iPhone and that they were always with me. Tweetie and OmniFocus were brilliant on an iPhone; however tweeting on an iPhone all night does cause eye strain, what I really needed was a bigger screen.

Cue iPad, yes it has a silly name – however its something that I have in fact needed since the iPhone leapt into my hands. The iPhone is just that, a phone and as such was never indented for long-term use due to size restrictions. The iPad is perfect, its a bigger iPhone and as such will have all my applications which I love in bigger form.

Yes yes yes, I know that the iPhone OS originally annoyed me however I then saw the potential, and the potential for new software; just as the App Store made the iPhone, it would almost certainly make the iPad. iWork would be released at the same time of the iPad allowing instant document/spreadsheet/presentation creation. However when you think of the possibilities of NoteBook, OmniGraffle, Pixelmator and RapidWeaver all being available on the iPad thanks to the bigger screen it really does become much more than an obese iPhone.

Where do I see the iPad fitting in with my life, surprisingly enough; exactly where Steve Jobs said it would. It would replace all the tasks that I do on my iPhone at home, and with the creation of new software, branch out into the tasks which I do at uni as well.

I am not saying that I am instantly going to purchase one the minute they come out, however the iPad does now appeal to me, having a large screen iPhone like devise with me where I can Tweet, email ect ect rather than squinting at a small iPhone screen.

(Don McAllister, host of ScreenCastsOnline shares similar views on his YouTube Video comment, perhaps him and other podcasters I follow helped me realise what I couldn’t initially see.)

Just as the App Store made the iPhone, the Apps developed will make the iPad.

Just as the App Store made the iPhone, the Apps developed will make the iPad.