And So Normality Restores

I write this post from the lovely comforty surroundings of the University library, first day back, thrown into semester two; and boy is it going well! Unluckily for me, my dry sarcastic witt transmits perfectly face to face, however through social networking and blogs, it fairs a little less well.

Today, just like in semester 1 it was a early morning, nothing wrong with that at all (no sarcasm there), a 7 o’clock start means that I don’t spend the day in bed. Breakfast went without a hitch or indeed visits from animals, the bus ride was pleasant with me picking up a copy of the Metro for the first time in ages. All going well, but it wasn’t going to last.

Sitting in the premier lecture theater I realised that things were not a they should be. Despise personal reassurances from the VC chairs that were in need of repair had not been given any attention, and to top it off the audio equipment didn’t work. Now I could understand if this venue was used once in a blue moon, but it is the main lecture hall of the uni!!! Location aside, the content of the lecture was dull, poorly delivered and should be considered an alternative for general anesthetic.

First lecture over, three classes to go before lunch, the first was canceled (why?), the second was pointless; and the third consisted of us being informed of when the ‘proper’ tutorials started. A complete waste of time! Baring in mind I have a essay due in 2 weeks the time moving around from place to place could have been used far more productively!

However all is not lost. The last lecture of the day is conduced by the module leader, who I have spoken to on both academic and personal levels; so I am looking forward to that.

I am not one who likes change. Yes change is good and I enjoy a certain amount of change. However routine is where I am happiest, and boy can’t I wait for things to get back to some level of normality.

Yes spontaneity is great, but structure is even better!

Yes spontaneity is great, but structure is even better!