Lecture Halls Update

Today I feel the need to update you on the state of my universities lecture venues.

Firstly, many of you will have read my post ‘And So Normality Restores‘ where I ranted about the state of our lecture halls and how I thought that it was wrong to be paying money to an establishment which didn’t provide students with functional seats or audio equipment.

Not one to boil over, Tuesday evening I mulled over this issue in the bath where I was surrounded by all things lavender; to where it hit me ‘I shall email the VC’. A quick message to his office along the lines of ‘whats going on’, and a reply that evening was in my inbox within an hour or so. He thanked me for bringing this issue to his attention and would deal with it ASAP.

This was exactly the response that I was after. Things take time, however if no progress is made after a month then ill kick up a proper fuss.

STOP PRESS: I have just this instant received an email back from VC informing me that he has personally checked the state of the lecture theater and has found the situation unacceptable, and has instructed estates to expedite the repair. RESULT

Sticking with university I thought I would inform you all about where our lecture took place today. It took place in one of the most beautiful university buildings on the campus. However as such there is no projector permanently installed, and there are no tables to rest your notes on while you write.

How can this be? We are at university, students are encouraged to take notes, however with the lack of tables the only notes we can take are mental notes! The problem of the project was eventually solved, however we did lose 20 minutes from our lecture, which I calculate to be a lost of around £10.

Once again this is an issue which will take time to sort out, however I can’t understand how this room has been used as a lecture hall for the past X years without anyone complaining about the lack of tables. However due to past timetable experiences I am rather reluctant to raise this issue for fear that the whole thing will change!

Im sorry, but you cant possibly sit on something like this!

Im sorry, but you cant possibly sit on something like this!