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The past few days have been a roller coaster of emotions regarding the Apple iPad. The first half of this blog is going to update you on my thoughts of the iPad, with the second half being on recent iPad developments. Being a UK resident up until last Sunday I had not touched, played with or indeed been in the same room as Apples new device, however GadgetShow Live changed all that. I got to touch and experience the wonders of a 9.7 inch touch screen in my hands – it was breath-taking.

The most amazing piece of tech I have held in my life!

The most amazing piece of tech I have held in my life!

My initial thoughts of holding the iPad was that it was heavier than I expected it to be, however by no means excessively heavy. It’s true that you wouldn’t want to be holding it out at arm’s length for any serious amount of time, however I don’t expect anyone will be. This device is to be used when sitting down when it can be rested against either a table or leg, so that issue never occurred to me.

Speed wise it was fast, very fast indeed, it was so fast it had already computed every possible option of what I wanted to do, before I had even decided what I was going to tap on. Apps were clean, fresh and fully functioning, I only tested a handful of apps that were designed nativity for the iPad, and one iPhone which was run ‘up scaled’. With regards to this, I wouldn’t even bother putting iPhone apps on an iPad, it’s a waste of space as quality is bearable, once you try an iPad app you will never be able to use up scaled versions and the blotchyness that goes with them.

I had decided a few months back that I was going to purchase an iPad, on day of release naturally, and I had opted for the WiFi only model. The reason being for this is that I would purchase a Mifi (which I have done, review coming tomorrow) which would then allow me to connect my Macbook Pro to the internet if I were out and about. The expense of £70 to get a MiFi was therefore in my mind, better spent than getting the 3G model, and still having no method of connecting my Macbook Pro to the internet should I desire.

Watching the US launch was unreal, I must have watched over 25 iPad unboxing videos on Youtube, I followed virtually every twitter stream that mentioned the iPad, and naturally read all the reviews. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one.

Rumors had suggested that the iPad would be available internationally on the weekend of the 23rd April. International Apple stores were also stating that the iPad would be available ‘Late April’. However today we received a massive blow, the launch would be delayed.

Official Apple Press Release

Official Apple Press Release

I am very pleased that Apple have hit the nail on the head with the iPad, I really am, however I feel that they are delaying international availability to fulfill US orders; which doesn’t sit well with me at all. The US have had its share of iPads, and I didn’t agree with the ‘tiered’ release date in the first place, however to push back availability for international customers, so that the US can keep selling is not a good enough reason.

Apple could have given international customers some good news today by announcing pricing, however this and pre-order availability will now have to wait until the 10th May 2010.

Come on Apple, it’s a great product, let some out of the US so we can all have a go.

  • I want on myself but I’m on a wait and see if they will ever place a camera in it. Then it will be perfect…lol

  • Mark B-C

    I was reading through your blog and although I will admit the iPad looks nice, if you have a mactop (i think you said you do) and an iPhone.
    Why do you need an iPad, even if you wanted a new laptop, why this?
    I say again, even anti-mac as i am, i have always liked the look of their products they always look tasty haha, it’s more i see no reason in what seems to me a giant iPhone (yes updated and better but regardless of that).
    Unless of course it’s for reasons of showing off, if that is the case then i fully support you cos it’s always great to show off technology.

    p.s. To be an idiot i would like to add that i was right with the 3rd party app last time thing lol, they only allow third party authorised apps which was my issue and hinders smaller developers if they can’t get their app authorised.

    • Hi Mark,
      Thankyou for your comments, as always its great to hear from you.

      You are quite correct, I do have a MacBook Pro which I love and is fantastic piece of kit, and I also have the latest and highest spec iPhone.

      There are a couple of reasons behind my thoughts on a previous blog post ( however I shall try and clarify. My MacBook Pro (now referred to as MBP) is a fantastic computer that does all that I require, be that taking notes in a lecture or rendering video, to editing my photos; however even tho it is a laptop it isnt as portable as I would like.

      I have a MBP and prior to the iPhone I usually disconnected it from my external displays/HDD’s etc and sit with it when watching TV, eating dinner so that I could use Twitter, surf the internet and respond to email, something that I couldnt have done with a desktop machine.

      The iPhone changed all of that, I could be connected to the internet anywhere in the world, reply to my email, go on facebook etc however the screen was too small to take notes in a lecture, or really spend a serious amount of time on.

      It may be because I am obsessive with my love to be connected to the internet 24/7, however when sitting watching the TV I always had my iPhone on to tweet and reply to emails as and when they come in. The iPhone replaced my iPod, diary, task manager – everything really, there was only one draw back; the size of the screen.

      The iPad, you are quite correct is similar to the iPod touch as it runs the same OS, however that is where the similarities end. It is not designed to replace either a laptop or desktop computer, it is meant to enhance the experience of day to day tasks. Rather than read emails/surf websites on a small iPhone screen, or MBP that is heavy and you have to disconnect, one can simply grab their iPad and use that.

      I will be getting one the instant they are out, and it will be the highest spec at that, however I can assure you its not to show off, it will be used for business and to take notes in lectures etc. At the moment I am using a MacBook screen sharing to my MBP to write my reply to your comment as I didnt wish to connect mine from its displays etc, something that would be ideally suited to an iPad.

      With regards to the authorizing of apps by Apple, I dont see this as a mistake at all. Apple’s technology is very highly tuned, running at the forefront of technological advancement and at the edge of components limits in some cases. In order to insure that user experience is a good one, Apple needs to be sure that 3rd party software does not conflict with either the OS or other 3rd party vendors. In order to develop an app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch developers need to be part of the Apple Development Program, a cost of $99 a year – not a great expense at all.

      It was good to hear from you tho buddy, hope all is good 🙂

  • Mark B-C

    Thanks for answering matey,yeah everything is very good atm.
    You have given a very good argument there, but i will forever be a freetard haha i like to build my own comps too much and can’t be bothered loading a cracked OSX, although i did have OS7 (i think it was) which i fiddled a little on a 4gb usb drive for a while.
    Plus i play some games still which unfortunately very few are made for mac of the calibre i would like.
    I suppose i have to agree also with the fact that if mac wants it’s machines to appear perfect (tongue in cheek a little) then they must check all apps for perfect compatibility with the OS and hardware, which as we know the only reason they are afloat is the because they don’t sell their OS separately and make their own hardware (and their huge overhaul in the 1980’s/90’s to be more aesthetic -The first iMac), which is why linux developers have the real talent lol constantly changing and multiple hardware compatibility.
    Anyway as i say i agree, for what you do it seems that while i wouldn’t say ‘need’ i would say it is definitely going to be an aid in your work, and i am impressed by your rig set-up btw, i had a good look all over your site and past blogs this afternoon and saw the pic, lucky and hard working boy, i hope it serves you well for a long time.

    • Cheers for your comments Mark, and indeed looking through my site. My website is going to undergo a complete redesign during the summer so watch this space lol.

      I always recommend that people get what they need, and I will be the first to say that Macs are not gaming machines.

      You are quite correct I am very lucky, however all of the tech is self funded, I work hard and play hard.

      Keep well 🙂

  • Mark B-C

    Hey dude just saw this:

    Wondered what your thoughts are on it?

    • I see no problems with this at all. Once again Apple is trying to do multi-tasking without limiting performance or battery life on a mobile device – currently unheard of. In order to achieve this they must be sure that programs are compatible with each other and not liable to drain battery performance.

      The only people who are kicking up a fuss are those who code in Flash, and Adobe who spend money on CS5 hoping that Apple would never change their developer terms and conditions – very foolish mistake indeed. Flash is an accent spec which hogs CPU performance and battery life, and with the invention of HTML5 see no need at all for Flash to continue on any website.

      With regards to developers getting a bit upset that they now have to use Apple tools to develop their programs. If you look at any other propitiatory device, the PS3, Xbox, Wii if you want to code for those devices you have to use the manufactures tools to do so.

      If developers have followed the method of coding as suggested by Apple then there will be no upset. The only people who are upset are those who have coded a crummy program in Flash, and were hoping that CS5 would allow them to build it for the iPhone in a few minutes, thank g0d Apple prevented this!