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I Buy iPhone 4 2

Pressing Buy Yesterday was a mad day for all Apple fans with the pre-order of the new iPhone 4 taking place. As usual the online store went down shortly after midnight and reappeared around 9am BST; those events were predicted. What wasn’t predicted by Apple was the sheer amount of interest they had in their new product. No sooner had the store been launched was its stability called into question. By 9 o’clock I was at work, eager to place my pre-order, I placed the iPhone in my basket, went to complete the order, “oops an error has occurred”. I tried again, no joy. The third time I pressed F5 I was greeted with the “we will be back soon” graphic. Apple had stalled. The situation was very tense around my desk, as far as I knew the stock of iPhones available for pre-order was dropping one percentage point a minute, and I wasn’t able to order mine! Quickly looking to tech blogs and emailing other tech people in the office confirmed that the situation was world wide, and was to be resolved shortly. This was no good, how can one focus on anything when a new Apple product needs to be ordered? I set a countdown on my iPhone for 1 a minute interval, to which I would check the store. Fifteen minutes after it went down I uttered a squeal of delight as I was able to place my order. In my previous blog post I stated that I would order the 32gb black model, and this (unlike my iPad ordering) hadn’t changed, what was up for contemplation were the accessories that were going to join my new phone. The dock, was always going to be a purchase, as this enables easy charging, syncing and easy retrieval when at my desk, which is well over 50% of the time; this was placed in the basket. Apple had created their own case for the iPhone, something worth a try, so a black bumper was thrown into the virtual basket. The order button was pressed, and I held my breath as I awaited the confirmation screen. After what seemed like an eternity passed, my order confirmation was displayed, I was a happy boy. An hour later I was able to reflect on what I had just done. The dock wasn’t available until the beginning of July, meaning that my iPhone would be delayed until this item was in stock. Like I could wait till July to get my hands on my iPhone! So the dock was cancelled. I then thought about why I didn’t order the iPad dock, the reason being is that the Apple iPad case couldn’t be used in conjunction with the dock. This would also be the case with the iPhone and its bumper, therefore that was removed from the order. I will be ordering a dock when they become available as I will get us out of it, but I shan’t be ordering the bumper, as removing it each time I want to use the dock would be far from ideal. Current Phone My current phone is the 3GS and was the first iPhone that I purchased, replacing my Nokia N95 8gb. The reason for purchasing my first iPhone was that it would sync easily with my mac setup, and being just as easy to operate. Those who purchase an iPhone do so because they want to move away from a phone that crashes, doesn’t offer them the latest features and is hard to operate. The real difference between any other phone and the iPhone is the app store, apps on offer range from task managers, note applications to games. No other handset offers an app store with such diversity. When I had downloaded the apps that suited my needs, my iPhone truly felt like mine, it no longer felt as if it had just come off a factory line, it was personalized to my needs, and only had applications on it which I needed. The app store transforms any phone into your iPhone. Whats Improved A year has since passed since the iPhone 3GS was released, with technology advancing and improving. This is not to say that the iPhone 3GS is still not a fantastic phone, it simply means that the new iPhone has better specs for the more advance and demanding user. The most noticeable difference between the new iPhone 4 and the 3GS is the camera. The camera can now take 5 megapixel photos and 720p HD video. With the new model now being available for pre-order, the prices of the previous 3GS have fallen dramatically, making the iPhone now accessible to everyone. Apple being a company that believes in its product would not still offer the 3GS if it did not think its products were still suitable for its customers. Therefore if you are wanting an iPhone, but can’t afford the 4th gen, I strongly recommend that you pick up the 3GS. Why Do I Need A New Phone? Apart from being an Apple fan boy and therefore wanting to purchase virtually every new product they produce, why did I need to get the 4th gen iPhone if the current 3GS I own is suitable? This is a question which I found myself thinking about during Steve’s speech at WWDC. There were two reasons for me wanting go upgrade. The first of which was the camera. The 4th gen iPhone offers much better quality of video and photo capture than the 3GS. The 3GS offers 3 megapixel photos and low res video, perfectly watchable and perfect for Facebook. However with my increased blogging and online presence I would like the ability to capture HD video on the move, something this will allow me. The second reason was the new A4 chip Apple have placed in the iPhone. Current applications run like a dream on my 3GS, and I predict that the next generation of apps will run as well. Where the new […]