Saw 3D

You can call me sick, messed up, mentally ill or indeed a combination of all three; either way I enjoy seeing morbid things on screen, and think that when the time calls for it, nothing can beat a good horror/thriller film.

There is no doubt that when you speak of horror films, the one franchise of films that spring to most peoples mind are the Saw films by Twisted Pictures. Now if you think I am messed up by enjoying watching the films, how ill are the people who write them? The Saw series released their first 3D venture in their seventh film, and even though I am strongly apposed to paying the 3D tax, I thought that if there was a film that 3D summoned, it would be Saw.

The fact that I like seeing the story pan out is good in any dimension, where the third is useful is feeling the horror, pain and suffering that you see on screen. I am quite immune to the pain that is displayed before me. Having Crohn’s disease means that I know the true meaning of discomfort and as such found the previous 6 films, not a pleasant experience to watch, but I didn’t run for cover nor cower behind my popcorn. Saw 3D was different.

Trying to touch the storyline as little as possible, 3D allowed you to be part of the action and get involved in the film. I wasn’t scared of the horror that I saw before me, I did however jump and wince on occasion.

Now touching the storyline briefly. The Saw films are good for one thing, for being gruesome, and there is plenty of it, you see blood, guts and hear people screaming; what it isn’t good for is a great storyline. For those who watched the first six you will know that Jigsaw is no more, the seventh film is about continuing the game to rehabilitate people. In my opinion the ‘chosen one’ and the connection to the ‘victims’ is wooly at best, and only solves as an excuse to show gory torture.

To sum it up, I dont think that this is the last Saw film that we will see, as it is not only gets peoples heart racing but is guaranteed a loyal following. The only thing that I feel this film fell down where the others didnt is the level of mystery was lacking. Previous Saw films had you saying ‘ahhhhhh so thats how it happened’, this film I left with the feeling ‘what was the connection’. Ultimately I give it 6.5 out of 10; great horror and gore, but lacking the story lines and mystery that the previous Saw films had given us.

Great film for horror and gore, lacking the mystery that other Saw films had.

Great film for horror and gore, lacking the mystery that other Saw films had.