Day 7

I have it, my T-mobile SIM. It allows me to tweet/blog/upload photos on the move which in theory is brilliant – however T-mobile only offer it at Edge speed, and reception in the hotel isn’t brilliant. When in the city it’s fine, but not inside. One thing we do have up on the USA is that we do have much better telecommunication companies and better deals.

Once again it’s going to be a short post, as I’m rather tired.

We arrived in NYC, and it certainly is busy, the buildings are huge, and there are people as far as the eye can see, all walking, as the road is gridlocked. Today we just did walking around. I went to B&H – the largest camera shop I’ve ever seen, the best part was it was run by orthodox Jews. I bought a new camera, a Canon 60D – I tried for student discount, everything but I walked away without discount; however it’s still saved me around £300 on the UK price. A full review will be on my main blog when I get back (

For dinner we ate at Kosher Delights and I had a steak sandwich, it was yummy – and very cheap!

As we walked back we saw Time Square at night, that was spectacular. I’m going to get up for around 3am one day to get some night shots when there are less people, will probably do this on my last day so I can sleep on the plane to Miami.

Anyway that’s it. Night night. Oh tomorrow I think we are doing The Empire State Building – so thats exciting 🙂