Day 13

Today we have sorted out Wifi in the villa – so I am a happy boy as I am able to blog from my MacBook Air rather than from my iPhone; when I get back I will do a blog post over on my proper blog about all the technology I have used (and in one case purchased) whilst away. If I remember I will put a link to it on here.

Anyway, today we went on a tour around Naples. Normally when you think of going on a tour you think of walking streets after streets, looking at building after building – however not this tour; we went on Segways!!! Rather than write what a Segway is, for those who don’t know, click here for a link to the Wikipedia article.

This was the first time I have been on a Segway, and out of the group of 7 we were in I volunteered to get on the machine first. It was like learning to ride a bike, your body naturally tells you to do something, however to make the machine work you need to do the opposite. Five minutes later, and my knuckles relaxed on the handle bars and it was amazing. The machines went up-to 12mph which was quite enough, as all we were doing was wearing a helmet, and lets face it any faster and you coming off, the pavement would have just shredded your skin.

The tour guide had a microphone and we all had wireless earpieces to hear what he was saying. The points which I listened to were interesting, however I was more interested in playing with the $7000 machine.

Once we came back we had lunch, and then went for a drive – which I slept through as the heat, humidity and sheer amount of concentration really was tiring.

After the drive we came back to the house and went swimming in the pool. The pool was lovely, nice and warm and deep. As we are here when storms are likely, it started raining; as we were already wet we stayed in the pool as the water sheeted down on us.

For the evening we ate and now I’m going to watch an American program called ‘Take The Money And Run’, I hope they bring it over to the UK as it really is good.

Anyway thats it for me tonight. Speak soon.

P.S – My friend Harry has told me about the riots that are going on in the UK. Ive had a quick look online, however if anyone has been affected by it my thoughts are with you; stay safe!