Day 18

Today we arose early and put on our swim ware for something very different – went jet skiing!!!

As David and I were deemed to be ‘immature’ just by looking at (how did they come to that conclusion?) and therefore in order to drive our own craft we had to pass a theory test. Needless to say that because we had not grown up in the area or driven a boat before we both failed; however our guide Tyler helped us and we promptly passed. I would like to point out that I ‘passed’ with one more mark than David 🙂

Within a few minutes of leaving the shore we saw a family of dolphins swimming in their natural habitat. To see them move up and down with such grace only a few feet from us was quite a sight. We turned off our engines to encourage them to come further, and we did get quite close; however they clearly had places to go and people to see as they didn’t want to stop.

On the way out there were plenty of opportunities for us to play with the machines, getting up to 45mph in some cases. Skipping over the wake of other boats was some fun even getting some air time.

After about an hours ride, we got to a beach which was only accessible by boat. This gave Rachel a chance to collect some shells, David and I to walk the shore, and mum a chance to feel solid ground under her feat one more time.

I did take my camera with, securely packed in two water tight plastic bags, wrapped in towels – however I decided that it was best off staying safe inside, rather than risk getting it wet and removing it for a 45mph ride in the face of water spray.

On the way back, Rachel put dad on the back of her jet ski and took control; she did rather well, not quite getting up to the speeds that David and I had done, but still not bad for a woman driver 😛

Considering this is Florida’s wet season, we couldn’t have asked for better weather today; all of us really caught the sun (some more than others!).

Tomorrow is our last day in the states before we head back home. We have had a spectacular time, seeing first the CN-Tower, followed by Niagara; Empire State Building, Rockerfellar Centre, finally coming to a relaxing bump in Naples. The plane ride tomorrow is one of our longest taking 8hr 20min (or 13hrs 20min including change of time zones!) however as we are flying British Airways – I am sure we will be well catered for.

As for blog posts, as our holiday comes to an end, so must blog posts. I hope to post one more before our flight tomorrow, a short one when we land, and then a link to the final set of photos (when available) on my photography website.

Apart from that, all we need to do is go into the pool one last time, pack, and say au-reviour to the US of A!