Another Series Of ‘The X Factor’ Is Over – Will It Return?

And so the eighth series of The X Factor comes to an end, the question on everyones mind is will it return again next year?

Personally I think that The X Factor aired one more series than was necessary, and that it should have quit whilst it was ahead last year and that changing of all the judges (bar Louis) was perhaps the final nail in the coffin of controversy that shrouded Simon Cowells creation of a talent show.

As with many viewers of this program I begun to watch The X Factor with some hesitance when it was first aired back in 2004, however by the time the second series aired the following year we had already forgotten who the winner, Steve Brookstein was, and instead tuned in to watch the never ending list of no-hopers parade themselves across the stage, closely followed by witty and humorous comments from the judges.

Come to think whilst each year there has been a winner, who has usually won the Christmas number one, a few weeks later they have disappeared into the pages of history. It is usually the case that those who have come second or third do better than those who win.

For example JLS have had more records released than Alexandra Burke, and I challenge anyone to state that the winner of series 7, Matt Cardle has done better than boy band One Direction.

I can’t but help wonder why do those who come second or third do better than the winners? Surely the if the public were to vote for those they wanted to win, than their songs would do better than their competition?

That aside, whilst my viewing of last years X Factor was lower than previous years, I did still watch it; however I boycotted the Xtra Factor with the terrible host Konnie Huq; the only presenter/act who caused me to feel sorry for the producers for what was being broadcast.

This year I boycott the whole thing. When thinking as to why I honestly think that it was due to Simon’s absence; even tho he was usually rude and almost always blunt – he was the only judge that spoke the truth. The others defended indefensible acts (Wagner as an example), and his one liners were something that occasional was worth a channel hop over to see.

With the public last year trying desperately to prevent an X Factor hit becoming a Christmas number one, it is my opinion that Simon knew this format was beginning to lose its appeal, and perhaps this was his reason for trying his luck on the American market. Viewing figures are down considerably from previous years, and perhaps this year no action will be required to rid the winners single from the Christmas charts.

The question remains as to whether The X Factor will return for another series? We don’t know if Simon has signed a ‘Golden Handcuffs Deal’ with ITV and so they will be obliged to produce the program for further years to come – however with growing controversy over the new judging panel, standard of the acts, and increasing popularity of other programs; I think there is a serious chance that this year of The X Factor will be the last time they face the music.

It Doesn't Matter Who Receives The Most Votes, The Only Winner Is Simon - However This Time I Think His Luck Is Over

It Doesn’t Matter Who Receives The Most Votes, The Only Winner Is Simon – However This Time I Think His Luck Is Over