Daily Archives: 21/12/2011

An Ode To My Darling Sister

My darling sister it is now the time, Where I put key to keyboard and write you a rhyme. Why am I doing this, I really don’t know, Perhaps its because you’re my favourite little sister and I love you so. Fifteen years old, where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday you were only one! A voice and opinion are assets you have – as well as many others, Believe me its one of your strongest – but not to be used on your brothers! Very tall, long hair and with a wardrobe full of clothes, You always keep your emotions in check and never lets them blow. The truth is I am very proud of you – I hope you can see, Even though you probably won’t want to admit it, you are just like me. Strong willed, loud voice, never wrong are qualities we both share, Qualities that we won’t admit are that we always care. I have run out of ‘permissible’ things that I can put on this post. You are my favourite sister, and I love you the most.