Monthly Archives: April 2012

I Am One Lucky Son

Virtually every day in the news you hear about people who don’t respect one another, commit horrendous crimes, and only think about themselves. If you narrow down this view of to those of a family nature, a quick view on Jeremy Kyle will give you the impression that man kind as we know it, has long since negated its right to existence. People fighting over this, having long standing feuds over that, its quite sad. Of course the producers of the show insure that they have participants that will add ‘entertainment value’, however it has become more common than not that people look to see what they can get, rather than they can give. For those who of you are unaware, I am of the Jewish faith, and arguably one of the biggest festivals starts tomorrow night, that of Pesach. The fact that this holiday lasts 8 days results in it being a significant family affair, with grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends all getting together to, well, eat! As this is such a family oriented time of year, I wanted to put key to keyboard and tell the world how lucky I, together with my brother and sister are to have two such wonderful parents. You don’t have to look to far to find parents whose unconditional love and respect for their children falls below that of theirs, however you will struggle to find parents whose surpasses it. Im not going to go into detail as to all the things which they have done for their three children (as it would take too long), however it is safe to say that they have worked tirelessly to ensure that my siblings and I, have been given every tool to have the best start in life, and for that I personally couldn’t me more thankful!