Daily Archives: 08/07/2012

The Amazing Spider Man

The danger with putting the word ‘amazing’ in a title is that there is there is a very real danger that my expeditions have already been raised to an unhealthy level prior to even setting foot into the cinema. Take for example when someone says ‘this is the funniest story ever told’ or ‘it was the most terrifying moment of my life’, usually the story just about raises a smile, and as for being scary, the moment wouldn’t even reduce a 4 month old baby to tears. So where do we stand with Spiderman? The 3D tax was paid, and (believe it or not) I think this is the kind of film that does need to be seen in the third dimension. Out of all the Marvel comics, there are three which I do love; Iron Man, Spider Man and The Fantastic Four. In my humble opinion the first Spider Man was amazing, however the subsequent films were less so. As with most sequels things tend to become a tad predictable, the actors become too comfortable in their roles and as such the characters don’t develop as they should do. With that an the word ‘amazing’ in the title, the bar was set, and I expected a film that would surpass Spider Man 2 and 3. First of all the story, chronologically this film should have been at the beginning, as it had the background as to how Spider Man came into existence, and the story of Peter Parker. His first ‘enemy’ and battle that took place during the 136 minutes was perhaps a little longer than required, but not excessively. There was a good mix of action and humour smattered throughout the film, and although the film did go on a bit, the fact that it was such a good film didn’t mean that this overrun was an issue. The acting was spot on, the main characters being Andrew Garfield who played Peter Parker/Spider Man, and Rhys Ifans as Dr Curt Connors were right on the money. Andrew played the part of a confused teenager who was lost in his new ability and coming to terms with a new love with ease, and during the film you really could empathise with him. As with all the other characters, non of the parts were over (or under) played. Finally special effects. As with most 3D films, there is a tendency to ‘over use’ the special effects. This was not the case. Images were clear, and by using 3D in a manor that could be considered naturally, it really did feel as if you were there, immersed in the action. Overall verdict. I hate to admit it, but it was a good film. The special effects, the story, and the action coupled with joke or two meant that it does perhaps deserve the title of an ‘amazing’ film.