Monthly Archives: December 2012

A Review of 2012

It seems like only a few days ago since I started to have to train my muscle memory to write /12 rather than /11 at the end of dates, and 12 months later now that I have finally mastered it, the time has come where I will once again spend the month of January writing the wrong year, crossing out, realising I’ve made a mess of whatever document I was writing on, and having to start again. Of course 2012 was not the just year of date based stress, various other events have taken place. This could be a blog post of all the political/world based events that have taken place (and I may do this later today if I remember), but it is not. It will simply be a brief outline of what I have been up to over the past 365 days. Lets firstly look at the biggest aspect of my life, education. After tears, stress and more tears brought around by exam time, I managed to pass my Graduate Diploma in Law at Manchester Metropolitan University. It was always the plan to then continue my law based journey at MMU and undertake the BPTC (Bar Professional Training Course) with the end game of qualifying as a barrister. As I write this I am halfway through my BPTC and I have to say, whilst I can’t wait to see the day where I don’t have to open up a copy of the White Book, all in all, the course is very enjoyable, especially the advocacy modules. The summer of 2012 was a summer of two halves, the first half involved a trip to New York, for the second time in 12 months. I had a fantastic time, and whilst I have not quite finished the photographs (or from the year before for that matter), I can honestly say that some of them are spectacular. Part two of summer 2012, saw me return to Masternaut, the place where I have worked for the past several summers. Unlike previous years there were people of my own age who worked in the same department as I did, meaning it was much more social. Even though I have not met up with my friends from Masternaut since the summer, I really hope to do so soon, as it would be great to catch up with them. When you write it down like that, its hard to think that one year can condense into only a handful of paragraphs. I think in January I may write a post of my expectations for 2013, then hopefully in a years time I can see where I am. In the meantime, all that I have to say is to all those reading this, I hope you have a happy and healthy 2013.

Movember – A Big Thank You

All, Just a quick thankyou to everyone who donated to my Movember effort. Over the past two years I have managed to raise over £250 for prostate cancer charities just for growing facial hair. I know that quite a few people take part in Movember, making it quite challenging to decide who donate to, however on behalf of everyone who took part, both in growing and donating, thank you. If you have not yet managed to donate, and still want to, the JustGiving page is still open, click here to head over there.