Why Should I Blog? Why Do I Blog?

When I tell people that I write a blog, the majority of people seem impressed. Many ask “what do you blog about” whereas others say “gosh it seems really hard to do that”, however if not all of them say “I want to blog but I wouldn’t know where to start, plus I don’t think anyone would read it”.

So lets tackle each of these statements in turn.

Firstly, what do you blog about? Well that is entirely up to you. Some people out there have a blog that focuses round their hobby, something that is important to them in their life or a particular skill that they have. Others (myself included) use it to combine all three of these things. Those who have read by blog, or if you haven’t, take a look at the categories the posts fall under, will see that whilst I have posts on technology and photography, most tend to be centred around ‘My View‘, the category where I give the world my opinion on any matter which takes my fancy. Yes the world didn’t ask for it, but as I enjoy writing, and im opinionated, its going to get it anyway. Writing a blog is a great way of learning to express your opinion in another medium, the written form.

Secondly, setting up a blog is hard. Well no its not, its as easy as setting up a Facebook or Twitter account. Yes eventually you may want to host your own blog one day with lots of bells and whistles on, but whilst you get your feet off the ground, I suggest you use one either; Blooger, Tumblr or my personal favourite, WordPress.com.

Finally, not knowing where to start, or being afraid that no-one would read it. Once you have set up your blog, I suggest the first post being on who you are, explaining to the reader what you are doing, and any hobbies you have etc etc. The second post can be going into more details of that hobby, third post about how to get started in that hobby as a new person and just take things from there. With regards to no-one reading it, its true you are not going to be a super star blogger after the first post, but if you have Twitter or Facebook and publicise your posts via there quite a few people will read it, and return.

Even though my blog has received over 200,000 unique hits since I started I don’t blog for my readers, I blog for me. Not every reader will enjoy every post, so trying to please everyone who reads it is impossible. The trick is to write a post about something you are passionate or interested in. If you do that then this will come across in what you write.

If you have recently started up a blog, or have started up a blog as a result of reading this, please post your blog address in the comments below so that everyone can check it out.

Dont just think about it, do it, its great fun, trust me, im a blogger!

Dont just think about it, do it, its great fun, trust me, im a blogger!