Red Nose Day 2013

For those in the UK today it is Red Nose Day (RND), a day where Comic Relief raises money for charities in the UK and Africa by encouraging people to raise money themselves by doing something silly, and filming celebrities do silly things as well. This ‘antics’ include One Direction meeting David Cameron for the charity single, Will Ferrell features as Anchorman and even Simon Cowell puts in a rare TV appearance by getting married!

Many people donate with the last RND in 2011 raising a record breaking £74.3m!

However more watch the programs put on by the BBC than donate, probably because they think that you have to donate big to make a difference, well that is not true.

Below are some facts which have been taken from the RND website, and will be updated from quotes by the hosts on the live show. As you can see the amounts that you could spend on a cup of coffee, or on lunch do make a difference to peoples lives. So why not donate this amount and go without your luxury coffee and or make your own lunch one day, and changes someones life.

Donating really is easy, simply click here, all major debit/credit cards are accepted, and no amount is too small.



  • Could pay for a checkup for a child living on the streets in Uganda to ensure they get the medical help they might need.
  • Is enough to provide a day’s worth of nutritious food for four vulnerable children who live on the streets in Kenya.
  • Could pay for two children in Uganda to be tested for malaria so they can get a quick diagnosis and receive the life-saving treatment they desperately need.



  • Is the cost per month to send a child to school in Zambia. However most are so poor that they can’t afford to go.
  • Could pay for a vaccine to help protect a child in Malawi against deadly diseases such as tetanus and hepatitis B.



  • Could send a young person at risk of being excluded from school on a course to help them improve their behaviour.



  • Could buy a Braille kit to enable a blind child in Kenya to have a proper education.



  • Could train a volunteer to provide support and advice to an isolated elderly man in the UK.



  • Could keek a homeless child safe, fed and off the streets for a whole month in Uganda.



  • Could provide four therapy sessions for a child in the UK who has suffered neglect and abuse to help them cope with their traumatic experience.



  • Could pay for 1,000 feeding tubes to help save the lives of critically ill newborn babies in Tanzania



  • Could provide six months of intensive one-on-one support, care and advise for a young person in the UK with mental health problems.



  • Could give basic financial training to five women living in poverty in South Africa so they can learn how to run a small business and provide for their families.
Simply click the logo above to donate

Simply click the logo above to donate

Comic Relief, registered charity 326568 (England/Wales; SCO39730 (Scotland)


STOP PRESS: Although I didn’t manage to update this post at all during what is now last nights show, Red Nose Day raised a record breaking £75,107,851 on the night itself.