“E” Is For End Of Exams

Even tho I write and publish this post in advance of me both starting my final exam, and finishing it, I can’t help but think of the joy that will come over me when I finish Criminal Litigation later today.

As explained in an earlier post, this is the final exam that is set by the Bar Standards Board (BSB), with the remaining exams that I am require to complete in June being set locally by MMU.

Just like last year I’m not really luck with sitting the exams. Last year there was a fire drill seeing the rescheduling of the exam I took, whereas others had their rescheduled, and this year we have seen MCQ’s being set with no correct answer in the Ethics paper. Rumours have even started spreading that there were similar issues with Civil Litigation that took place on Wednesday, with some even going so far as saying that questions had been asked that were not on the syllabus – although this is yet to be confirmed.

The truth is that even one mess up by an exam body is enough to shake your confidence and I know that I am not the only who feels shaken by what happened in Ethics. If what happened in Civil is true coupled with what has happened in Ethics, how can any weight be attached to the value of this qualification which we are working towards? Its worth saying that we are still waiting for the BSB to make the statement regarding the Ethics exam, im starting to wonder if it will ever come?

Be that as it may, come 17:00 these exams will be well and┬átruly behind me (unless the BSB orders resists!) and onwards to the options which for me will be Resolutions of Disputes Out of Court (ReDOC), Personal Injury and Advance Criminal Practice – something which I am quite looking forward to.

I know i’ve tried my hardest, and whilst failing down to my lack of knowledge may be hard to stomach, failing due to unanswerable/un-examinable questions set by the BSB, that will be impossible to stomach.

Until June anyway, E is for 'End of Exams'

Until June anyway, E is for ‘End of Exams’