“M” Is For Mother 7

Having done a post on my Father, I could hardly not do one about my mother could I?

I could have saved ‘P’ for ‘Parents’ and combined them both in an extra long post. Although this may have been easier, and avoided some elements of repetition, I wanted to keep them both separate, as they are both special people in their own right.

Of course what I said about my father applies in equal measure to my mother, and although it may seem ‘lazy’ to repeat them, the truth is that they are original, and Time Magazine can once again call off the search for the words best mother, as I officially have her.

As with my father, I call my mother ‘mum’ for short, and as anyone who knows her will tell you, my mother is certainly one of a kind. She has an adorable obsession with Angry Birds, has a custom dressing-gown with ‘The Mum’ stitched into the back of it, and laughs like no-body else.

However, even tho I have no obsession with Angry Birds, my dressing-gown is from Tesco, and my laugh is traditionally average – everyone who has ever seen the two of us in the same room will be able to attest to the fact that I am really my mothers son for several reasons:

    • We share an interest in all things Mac.
    • I got my interest in photography from her.
    • We have very similar senses of humour.
    • As a child (and to some extent today) some say I look like her.
    • Determination in what we say is right.

Why is my mother the best mother in the world? Well just like my father, her kindness also knows no bounds, she has put my brother’s, sisters and my needs ahead of her own each and every day. To the extent that even when we were younger she took time out of our summer holiday to revise for her consultancy exams so we could go on bigger and better holidays – which we have done!

As with my father, and brother I have many a fond memory of spending time with my mother, these include:

    • Her dropping me off at the bus stop when I was at high school.
    • When I was younger, dropping a tyre inflator onto the bonnet of her car, and her remaining calm.
    • Going to the Apple store to ogle at the latest goodies.
    • Watching WWDC and other keynote addresses on our computers screaming across the hallway to one another when something interesting came out.
    • When we got the first PlayStation (and I was around 9), spending one Sunday afternoon just the two of us as she taught me how to drive on Collin McRae racing so I would be able to beat my dad.
    • Her ability to come up with cleaver witticisms in reply to my ingenious witticisms.

As I get older, the memories, just like that of my dad will too begin fade. However no matter how much time goes by I will always love her.

A picture of Mum, Dad and I when we were all considerably younger.

A picture of Mum, Dad and I when we were all considerably younger.

'M' is for 'mum' - but not just 'a mum', 'The Mum'

‘M’ is for ‘mum’ – but not just ‘a mum’, ‘The Mum’