“R” Is For Rachel 2

Having completed a post on David, whom is my brother, my father, my grandparents, and my mother, how could I not do a post on my favourite little sister? Well I could have done, however the chances are I would be in even more trouble than I am already for forgetting to wish her good luck in her AS French oral earlier this week!

Therefore I attempt to get back into her good books by reliving some of my most fond memories of my little sister.

This is how I remember Rachel - oh so cute!

This is how I remember Rachel – oh so cute!

1. Believe it or not, the first memory which I have of Rachel is the day she was born. I remember as if it were yesterday that Dad was taking both David and I to the hospital to see our new little sister. I remember being concerned that the house which at that point been full of boys, was going to get elements of ‘pink’, but was happy non the less. I remember looking going into the room, and seeing her in mums arms. She was so quiet and cute.

2. Fast forward a few months and she was learning to communicate with the world, and old enough to start having baths. David and I were her two big brothers, and naturally she listened to every word we said, even to the extent that she was cute enough eat one of the sponges. However rather than stop her, the first thing my mum did was grab her camera and take a photo. Sadly I am in Manchester away from photo albums or I would upload it. Needless to say she doesn’t listen to us any more! STOP PRESSThe photo has been found!

3. Moving forward a year or so, and she was learning to crawl, David and I (yes we really were inseparable when we were younger) wrapped Rachel up in a large bath towel, tucking the ends under her so that she was like a caterpillar, unable to move – once again, rather than stop us, the first thing our parents did was video/take photos of it as she really did look cute wrapped up.

4. When we went to school, naturally we had to wake my sister up to go with – oh how dangerous that was. Normally when people dont want to be woken up they shout, and yell, they dont tend to throw things. Naturally Rachel decided to do just that, and what did every little girl have loads of? Barbie dolls! Barbie dolls were usually thrown at breakneck speeds towards anyone who dared go into her room before the princess had awoken. If I were to wake Rachel up again I would have to invest in full police riot gear.

Rachel has grown up so much since then. I remember looking at her at her Bat Mitzvah and thinking how stunning she looked with her long (straightened) hair, and this was at the age of 12, a far cry away from the cute little girl with bunches. Moving forward even more and I remember taking pictures of her for her leavers ball last year – thinking the same thing.

Growing up with two older brothers, Rachel had to shout to be heard, and as a result of living around David and I, Rachel has learned how to make sure her voice is heard – even to this day. She is strong willed, intelligent, and also very persuasive towards some of the members of our family – something David and I will take some small credit towards for ‘training’ her.

My little sister will be going off to university (the place of which is yet to be decided) to study a course (which is also yet to be decided). No matter where or what she studies, I am sure that she will do fantastically well, just like she did in her GCSE’s last year.

Just in case I forget, which I won’t as I am officially organised – good luck for your English Lit Mock on Monday little sis!

"R" is for the one and only Rachel!

“R” is for the one and only Rachel!