“V” Is For Vice

Everyone has a vice or two, and I am no different. Some people smoke, gable or drink, I do neither of these (and in the case of the latter two don’t have them as a vice, just do them on the odd occasion).


My vices are some what more food based, or at least they were before my health drive. I knew they weren’t good but my oh my they were yummy.

    • Bread, butter and cheese.
    • Cheese of any kind, in particular spicy cheese.
    • Chocolate
    • Pasta with three cheese sauce
    • Crisps


Since I have started my health drive, I have changed most of these things into treats, and coupled with going to the gym feel much better.

So instead the things above are now as follows:

    • Bread is now Low calorie wholewheat wraps with feta (only once a week as a treat).
    • Cheese is now feta which is low fat, and other cheese kept for once a week on a jacket potato.
    • Chocolate has been switched to dark organic chocolate, usually Green & Blacks. As its organic and dark, its rich so you appreciate a smaller portion more than a whole bar. Plus some studies have shown that just with a small glass of red wine, dark chocolate in moderation can be good for you.
    • Pasta is now wholewheat pasta, smaller portions with pesto sauce, perhaps with a cube or two of feta on, its delicious!
    • Crisps have been completely cut out and are no more.

So as you can see, I still have my vice of food, but they are much healthier alternatives out there, and its the same with many vices out there.

For example gabling could be changed to a less costly and more sociable alternative such as bingo, and drinking could be reduced or switched to a more healthy alternative such as the aforementioned red wine.

We are only human, and to be honest if you work hard we are entitled to let our hair down and enjoy somethings in life, otherwise what is the point in living?

We are all entitled to a little bit of fun in our life, so its ok to have a vice.

We are all entitled to a little bit of fun in our life, so its ok to have a vice.