“Z” Is For Zippppyy! 2

I don’t think ‘Zipppyy’ is an actual word, but who cares!

It was an uphill struggle but I have managed to complete the A To Z Blogging Challenge!

This is going to be the easiest post of the whole challenge, am going to list the posts which I have done, in a directory format.

Week One:
April 01, Monday – “A” Is For Awesome Idea
April 02, Tuesday – “B” Is For Blog (Readers)
April 03, Wednesday – “C” Is For Complaining
April 04, Thursday – “D” Is For David
April 05, Friday – “E” Is For End Of Exams
April 06, Saturday – “F” Is For Father

Week Two:
April 07, Sunday – BREAK
April 08, Monday – “G” Is For Grandparents
April 09, Tuesday – “H” Is For Heaven & Hell
April 10, Wednesday – “I” Is For Interesting Facts
April 11, Thursday – “J” Is For Jokes
April 12, Friday – “K” Is For Knowledge
April 13, Saturday – “L” Is For LaunchBar Vs Alfred Vs Quicksilver

Week Three:
April 14, Sunday – BREAK
April 15, Monday – “M” Is For Mother
April 16, Tuesday – “N” Is For New Watch
April 17, Wednesday – “O” Is For Organisation
April 18, Thursday – “P” Is For PDFPen Pro
April 19, Friday – “Q” Is For Queen
April 20, Saturday – “R” Is For Rachel

Week Four:
April 21, Sunday – BREAK
April 22, Monday – “S” Is For Sorry
April 23, Tuesday – “T” Is For Talented Giraffes
April 24, Wednesday – “U” Is For Unusual Dream
April 25, Thursday – “V” Is For Vice
April 26, Friday – “W” Is For Wind Turbine
April 27, Saturday – “X” Is For Xerus

Week Five:
April 28, Sunday – BREAK
April 29, Monday – “Y” Is For Young No More
April 30, Tuesday – “Z” Is For Zippppyy

I am officially blog’ed out – so I think I will be taking a break from writing posts for at least a few weeks, so until then – thanks for reading 🙂

After posting for a full month, I am officially taking a break!

After posting for a full month, I am officially taking a break!