Man Of Steel

Its been quite a while since I last went to the cinema, with the last film I went to see on the silver screen being Skyfall. Exams have finished, and I had collected enough Odeon cinema points to get me a free cinema ticket, so I decided to see the latest ‘comic book superhero to film’ story, that of course being Superman.

Having sat into my seat, removed the bottle of water from my ‘hidden’ location (as I refuse to pay the extortionate price for water charged at the cinema) and done what I was told to do several times by putting my phone on silent I was ready to be amazed.

The trailers ran and the film begun, and if I am honest, for the first 20 minutes or so I was incredibly disappointed. So much so that I was actually contemplating saying to my friend “should we go and see another film instead”.

I really liked it, yes the first couple of minutes were a bit 'what am I watching' - but I would really recommend it as a film you should see.

I really liked it, yes the first couple of minutes were a bit ‘what am I watching’ – but I would really recommend it as a film you should see.

Why was I so disappointed so quickly with this $225 million box hit? I think it has to do with the way that they set the story. The Herculean beginning of the film was how Superman came to earth, and funnily enough was almost identical to that of the Disney cartoon Hercules, ultimately, bad things in another world happen, and child of parents in bad world send their kid to a new world to be raised by strangers.

Instead of Zeus keeping Hercules on earth to protect the humans, Clark’s parents send him to earth to protect him from General Zod’s as he destroys the planet Krypton.

All very well and good, but in Man of Steel, this opening on how Superman came to earth was sort of Hercules meets Minority Report, with a touch of The Day After Tomorrow and a hint of The Road added in for good measure. I had no idea what was going on. In fact the only time where I was reassured that I seeing the film I had paid to see was when the ‘Superman’ crest first made its appearance. However the reassurance was short-lived and quickly made way to thoughts of ‘umm what was that all about’.

After that, the film could have only ever really have gone in one direction, and that was better. Thankfully it did, and it got better very quickly. It’s almost as if we were watching two different films.

The second half was breathtaking, and I although I could never afford to make a film with this budget, I think it was money well spent. The action was there, the special effects were amazing and the storyline (for the second half) was easy to follow. There were of course several points of which the story could have ended and allowed for a sequel, however after 143 minutes the film did end with it being incredibly unlikely that a second instalment would not be produced.

Overall I give this film a solid 8.5 out of 10. I really did enjoy it, however there was one niggling little thing and that is that there was too much action.

Towards the end of the film especially it was almost as if the whole cinema was thinking ‘oh no not another fight’. Coupled with the fact that throughout the film both Superman and ‘General Zod’ (the baddy) went through half of the American skyline, only to end when Superman breaks Zod’s neck – I mean it’s a bit farfetched if you ask me!