Waddington Airshow 2013 3

This weekend, we arose at some early hour in order to leave the house for 06:30 in order for us to get to the Waddington Airshow as the gates opened. As we got into the car it was clear that all of ‘Family I’ were excited as it had been over 9 years since we last went to this particular airshow.

Despite the early wakeup call, there was heavy traffic on the way to the show, as the organisers had decided to take us through the small little villages rather than keep us to the main roads, perhaps something they should look into for next year.

The delay didn’t really cause any problems, and we arrived and has set up our foldaway seats in plenty of time before the first plane took to the skies at 10:30.

As a budding photographer, you will no doubt have guessed that I took my camera with, and you can see from my previous photographs of airshows, the advance in my skill (and technology) has resulted in better shots.

You will see from the images below that there were a huge array of both propeller based aircraft, jet propelled aircraft, and helicopters, however without a doubt, the highlight of the show was a 21 minute long performance by The Red Arrows.

Watching The Red Arrows perform is something which is actually breathtaking. Obviously the photographs show some of the planes doing fantastic stunts, but when you are viewing them live, passing each other at a combined speed of over 500mph, with a distance of less than my height you cant help but be amazed.

Whilst it takes a huge amount of skill to fly in this manor, the technology employed to get some of these aircraft of the ground in the first place is just outstanding. Take for instance this Chinnook HC2, how is it so big, carry so much, and fly so fast? The mind just boggles!

Other crowd pleasers included a Battle of Britain memorial flypast, which was quite emotional as the whole audience of 50,000+ took to their feet to give them an around of applause.

Obviously I am not suggesting that everyone will want to get up at the crack of dawn on a weekend to go to an airshow, but what I am suggesting is that everyone who does go will be very impressed by the skill and teamwork shown.

Furthermore the display of your own countries airforce ability cant help but make you feel proud, and a little bit of envy for those who work for them flying such fantastic aircraft.