Water Fools – A Performance On The Water

On Saturday evening I took a short MetroLink ride to MediaCityUK on Salford Quays to view a ‘performance on the water’. Apart from knowing it was a performance on the water, and it was free, I had no idea what it was about. However knowing that Manchester Ship Canal, and MediaCityUK is a photographic hotspot I packed my camera and tripod knowing that if the water performance wasn’t up to scratch, I could at least take some panoramic shots of the architecture that was around me.

The performance itself was put on by the Ilotopie Theatre Company all the way from France, and it involved cars driving on the water, cyclists pedalling on the water, and even a rowing bed, all choreographed to music and fireworks.

When I was watching the performance, I honestly had no idea what the storyline was about, however that didn’t diminish the quality of the performance. As I was writing this post I discovered a leaflet on The Quays website explaining the story, and having read the text the story makes perfect sense.

The story starts as a mans car taking a trip across the water breaks down. Upon exiting the vehicle, his head bursts into flames, and extraordinary things begin to happen. G-ds march into battle, and a queen gazes over the water domain from the seat of a giant penny-farthing.

You can see below a video of some snippets of the evening (although I do not confess to be a videographer), and some photographs that I took (I do confess to be a photographer tho).