Now You See Me

From a young age we are fascinated by magic, be that being able to make a rabbit disappear from inside a hat, to having your card guessed from a deck once they have been shuffled together. As we get older the sense of magic disappears, and as with Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy, we learn that it is not real and is all an illusion. However that doesn’t stop us from being amazed by the tricks which can be performed. As we get older the awe isn’t so much as in thinking its magic, but thinking how on earth was that done, only to come to the conclusion that you simply have no idea at all.

It is for these reasons why people still pay money to see the likes of Penn & Teller and David Copperfield because they not only give us the thrill of seeing something exciting, but a way of reliving our childhood in a way that is in some ways no longer possible.

The motto of this film is 'The Closer You Look, The Less You See' however that is only possible if you go see the film - which I highly recommend, its excellent!

The motto of this film is ‘The Closer You Look, The Less You See’ however that is only possible if you go see the film – which I highly recommend, its excellent!

Now You See Me in this sense is a film unlike any other. The silver screen puts together big name stars including Jesse Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine into this FBI vs Magic showdown.

All the things you would expect to see in an $75m film are there. Action sequences of cars flipping over, elements of comedy as the FBI interrogate the magicians, and scenes involving different parts of the world from Las Vagas to New York to Paris. But where this film differs is that you feel as if you are a member of the audience who is being performed to, and are involved with the trick itself.

The story is not that hard to follow, and ultimately boils down to the following. There are four individual magicians who are brought together by an unknown fifth. These four are referred to as ‘The Four Horsemen’ and are tasked with performing three magic tricks in order to demonstrate their skill to be admitted into a magicians fraternity.

Trailers which have been shown give a brief outline of the first trick performed by this newly formed group, that of a bank robbery is just the first of the tricks which not only do you see performed, but also get shown how it is done as the FBI begin to piece together the whole story of what is happening.

As the 115 minute film progresses the FBI follow (usually behind) the magicians but as their investigations continue the secrets and hidden agendas of all those involved becomes apparent, but only after you realise, that the closer you look, the less you will see.

Personally I believed this to be a fantastic film – I have always loved magic, yes I know it’s not real, but there is something about it, it makes you feel like a kid again, and this film really does bring back all of those memories.

It’s a film that aimed to be different, and it was, but the difference is that this different film was great, and well worth a watch!