Don’t Wrestle A SUMO, Embrace Him

I have written reviews on films, TV programmes and hardware and software, but I have never actually written a review on a book.

This could be for several reasons, it could be because I’ve not read a book that wasn’t of a legal basis since I have started blogging. Since reviewing the pros and cons of ‘Land Law a Practical Approach’ would send you to sleep almost as quickly as it send me reading the thing, I took the generous decision not to risk your wellbeing and kept my four word review of said book to myself.

The reason however is probably that despite having iDevices to read books on, the truth is that I’ve not really read anything for a long time. I’ve watched things, and listened to audio books, but not actually read for pleasure probably for over 5 years.

This could be down to a number of factors, time, or lack thereof, lack of a book that appeals to me, or the fact that other more attractive forms of entertainment have presented themselves.

Well this changed.


It’s under 170 pages long, and can easily be read over the weekend, and for under £7 what more do you want?!

You all know that I started a new job in September, and my employer does things differently to most. As part of the training process all the new starters were all given a copy of Paul McGee’s ‘Shut Up, Move On’ or SUMO for short.

The book itself is available for just £6.11 at Amazon, and can be bought in Kindle (£5.80) , and audio format (£9.60) should reading the 161 pages of a weekend read be too much.

7 chapters divide up the books main content, with each idea or theory being devoted its own chapter. They are:

1. E+R=O
2. Change Your T-shirt
3. Develop Fruity Thinking
4. Hippo Time Is OK
5. Remember The Beachball
6. Learn Latin
7. Ditch Doris Day

Whilst I am not going to go into detail of each chapter, as I would probably do the book a dis-service and give you no reason to read it yourself, it can be summed up as follows.

“Life is rarely just about what happens to you, it’s about how you respond that makes the difference.” “Your choices are significant, what you do affects who you are and where you end up.” “Perhaps it’s not the circumstances that need to change, but more your perspective of those circumstances.” “When you deny the negative, you block the road to positive recovery.” “People are less defensive when you seek to understand their viewpoint rather than try to dismantle it.” “If you want to achieve anything in life, remember, setbacks come with the territory.” “Your destiny has not been decided, neither the moon, the stars nor fate determine it – YOU DO.”

Now a lot of people will put this book into the ‘self help book’ category, and I don’t know whether I think this is right. Yes it does help you but it doesn’t really teach you anything that you don’t already know yourself, but have failed to continue to put into practice, or have since had your view on tainted.

Such a cute hippo!

Out of all of the chapters, my favorite one was ‘Hippo Time Is Ok’. Apart from the fact there are cute pictures of a hippo, it reinforces the view, that things in life happen which upset you, and dismissing them and moving on right away isn’t always healthy, in fact rarely is.

Whether it be something as trivial as missing a bus because you over slept, or something more significant such as losing a loved one the changes are this event is going to reoccur, even if you try your hardest to prevent it from happening.

If all you do is move on, you are not going to learn how to deal with it, learn from the mistakes, try to prevent them, and also ensure that when it does happen again, you are in a better place to deal with it.

The fact of the matter is that this is an easy read, and the fact that this book is the first book I have actually chosen to review should say something in itself, if however it doesn’t! I’ll say it here:

Read it, it’s a brilliant book, you won’t regret it.

'Hippo time' is just one of seven chapters that really change the way you look at life, Its a cheap, easy read that can really change the way you look at things.

‘Hippo time’ is just one of seven chapters that really change the way you look at life, It’s a cheap, easy read that can really change the way you look at things.