If there is one thing which Sandra Bullock does well, its being a damsel in distress. She has been a ‘DID’ on a bus (Speed 1) and on a boat (Speed 2), now its about time that she went into space and did the whole “whats going to happen now thing” hundreds and thousands of miles above the earth.

Well this is exactly what happens in the latest blockbuster film (available in both 3D IMAX and 3D flavours) starring fellow Hollywood actors George Clooney and the voice of Ed Harris.

If there is one film you are going to see before xmas, see this one. If there are two films you are going to watch, see this one twice!

If there is one film you are going to see before xmas, see this one. If there are two films you are going to watch, see this one twice!

If you have read my other film reviews, you will know that I am not a fan of 3D, or IMAX, however if you are going to see one film in this medium, this is the one to watch.

Why? Because its simply AMAZING.

Before I go into why, the story line is perhaps a simple one, people in space, something bad happens, astronauts who are up there have their lives in the balance as they struggle to get back to earth in one piece – sort of like the last 40 minutes of Armageddon. So yes, the story line on the face of it won’t blow anyones skirts up.

However after the first 15 minutes of the film, my shirt had been blown up well and truly, as I had not only exhibited a full range of emotions from sorrow to laughter, but excitement to the point where I had screwed my toes up to the very front of my shoes.

I loved it.

Graphically it was stunning. The way it was shot was brilliant, you felt as if you were there, full 360 degree shots meant that you really do wonder how it was shot, where were the camera crew hiding during filming, and as for the special effects of the Earth, space shuttles, and explosions – well yes, its hard to put into words how amazing it was.

Writing this post now I think there is a way I could put it”

I don’t own a 3d TV, but I think it would be worth buying one just to watch this film on when it comes out in HD

Due to its space style storyline, there aren’t a lot of actors, and the majority of the film, just features Sandra Bullock, however this role is one that she does best (that of ‘I can’t believe this is happening to me again’) and so even tho its just her, and the fantastic soundtrack for at least 60% of the duration of the 91 minute film there is nothing to complain of.

The majority of the films you watch these days seem to be too long for their own good, Gravity is only just over and an hour and a half in length, but because of the action, the emotion and fantastic graphics it feels much longer but not to the point you want to leave the cinema, but to the point where you look forward to leaving it to tell your friends that didn’t join you on that occasion to go and watch it as soon as they can.

I came out of the cinema screen knowing that this was one of the films which I wanted to buy the moment it came out on iTunes in HD and watch it over and over again, and this view is clearly shared by many as tickets for the 3D IMAX in Manchester had sold out several days in advance, and so booking is recommended.

Armageddon was a fantastic film in 1998, 15 years later, with the advancement of space films, this one doesn’t disappoint what so ever.

Forget giving it 10 stars out of 10, i’ll go as far and give it 11. Seriously it was that good