The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

The truth is that I had high expectations of this film. Billed as a comedy and with big comedic star Ben Stiller, I hoped that I would have a good laugh.

If I would have laughed even half as much as I did when I watched We are the Millers, I would have been happy, but the sad realisation is that I laughed more ticket womans appalling attitude at the cinema, the adverts more than at the featured presentation itself, and at my sister almost falling flat on her face tripping over on her return from the toilet in an attempt to return to her seat in such a hurry that she didn’t miss any of the fantastic film!

Two words to describe this film: "Utter rubbish!"

Two words to describe this film: “Utter rubbish!”

Not only was it not a funny film, but it was boring, and I mean mind-boring, to the extent that I even starting writing this review in the screening rather than put myself through more mental anguish.

Before I switched off, the story was boy (Walter) who works in a dead end job and bullied by the takeover executives, falls in love with someone in his office, and he makes several attempts to update his eHarmoney profile in order for him to notice him.

That was when I switched off.

For the 45 min of the film I did watch there were daydreaming moments that were cringeworthy at best, painful at worst. Imagine a toddlers reenactment of an action sequence from Iron Man, and you’re about half way there.

Upon looking up from what started as a negative review, my thoughts were confirmed, it was as bad as I first thought. Walter couldn’t find a picture that was supposedly sent to him, and so was trying to find it.

What a story line!

It was at that point I decided to try and entertain myself.

There were exactly 17 people in the cinema screen (yes I counted them), for a cinema with 500 seats in (yes I also counted those as well), I originally thought this was due to the fact that people were still recovering from Christmas and resting up for new year, how wrong was I.

It was down to the fact that the film was utter rubbish.

Don’t do what I did, and assume that because it’s billed as a comedy and has Ben Stiller in it must be worth devoting 125 minutes of your life to.

It’s not.

Seeing as it’s after Christmas, do yourself a favour, rather than sit on your bottom and watch this rubbish, put the £8.60 cost of the ticket towards a days gym membership.

The reason being is that The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was exactly like spending two hours on a treadmill. You’re exhorted after, having got off at exactly the same place as you started, and will probably spend the next few days aching over the decision you made in the first place and regretting it.

After writing the bulk of my review I simply couldn’t take any more. This film was such a disappointment, that the prospect of sitting in the cinema foyer was more entertaining than sitting in the cinema itself, so that’s what I did. I picked up my coat and left.

Walter Mitty, what a pity!