The Liverpool Giants 2

One of the beauties of working in such a lively office with people from all over the North West, is that you get to hear about lots of events which happen, and that you might not have heard about otherwise.

The truth is however, that I had heard of The Liverpool Giants before last Friday and the subject was brought up at work, however I didn’t know anyone who had gone and what it was like. Over one of our many morning cuppa’s I was convinced to buy a train ticket and head over to Liverpool to see what was going on, and what it was like.

Two years ago, the same theatre company, Royal De Luxe brought the same puppets to the streets, detailing a story around The Titanic. This year however, the story was around the commemorations of the outbreak of World War One.

Below are the photos and videos which I took of the event, as you can see there were hundreds of thousands of people lining the streets of Liverpool, with some estimates saying that over 300,000 spectators turned up. Towards the end of my video, there are snippets of Grandma reading the letter to the little girl to which she is mentioned in.

For more news on the Liverpool Giants this weekend, the BBC have set up a special page with live updates.




  • Dave

    I’d just like to add my thanks to Jonathan on here, as I was at the Giants with my 5 year old daughter, who’d decided on Saturday morning to make a card for the little girl giant. We fortunately were able to pass the card on to one of the Royal de Luxe crew as the girl giant passed us. The operator then read the card, and went to show the card to the little girl giant, but as they had passed us at this point my daughter didn’t see it.

    I spent most of Saturday and Sunday evening trawling through Twitter, Instagram and the various local media, looking for a photo to show my daughter, without success. Fortunately last week, my daughter was watching the giants videos on YouTube, and happened to watch Jonathan’s video, which, when we watched, showed the moment we’d been looking for perfectly!

    So I now have a very happy 5 year old, so thanks again Jonathan for the great video and photos!

    • You are most welcome.

      What are the odds of your daughter finding my video on youtube, and her mother overhearing the music on it?!

      Im glad I could help.