The Morning After The Vote Before – The Electorate Has Spoken

Despite the poll suggesting that it would be too close to call, things couldn’t have been further from the truth

It was a night which the Conservatives were hoping for, the Scottish National Party were dreaming of, the Labour Party would rather forget, and the Liberal Democrats will probably take a generation to recover from.

In short, Labour’s seats were reduced significantly, the Liberal Democrats were all but obliterated and the Scottish National Party (all bar a couple of seats) won the whole of Scotland.

To put the Liberal Democrats loss in perspective, it is anticipated that they will lose their Electoral Deposit of £500 in 335 constituencies as they didn’t even receive 5% of the votes cast, giving a total bill of £167,500!

UKIP, who were speaking of ‘shaking up the constitution’ only managed to retain one seat, and not that of their leader.

The news today will be a wash of all parties giving their opinions, however they will broadly fall into two camps. The former will be looking forward, looking to build a stronger economy and work with what the electorate has decided, that being that whilst there is a majority, it’s not as strong as one would hope and that Scotland is owed a more powerful vote in Westminster. The latter seeks to apportion blame. Was the method of voting not doing the electorate justice, was it the leader, was it scaremongering, the list will go on and on.

However the truth is something different, the voting system works, and generally speaking, people are happy with the direction that the economy is being sailed, and that the right Captain for the job is David Cameron.

I believe I can say this with such certainty is that key opposition figures not only lost their seats but fell from (in some cases) dramatic heights. The likes of Ed Balls (former Shadow Chancellor), Vince Cable (former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Danny Alexander (former Chief Secretary to the Treasury) and Douglas Alexander (former Shadow Foreign Secretary but to name just a few.

Due to such falls, I believe it makes it very difficult for Ed Miliband of Labour, and Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats, and Nigel Farage to retain their tenure as leaders of their respective parties, and so believe that they will tender their resignation of they haven’t done so already.

This will make the party makeup of Labour and the Lib Dems questionable for future elections , the reason being is that certainly for the Liberal’s there aren’t that many MP’s left for them to select a leader from, and in the case of Labour who is left for them to select that has the authority to lead the party?

It is often said that you don’t elect the Leader of a party, you elect an MP, however this clearly isn’t the case. Alex Salmond, the former leader of the SNP never got a result like Nicola did and so it is plausible that a change in leadership could lead to a change in fortune, just like that of the SNP. However the question remains, who could possibly unite their party to even give a similar outcome?

As previously mentioned the result in Scotland cannot be ignored, and whilst the SNP leader hasn’t ruled out another referendum on Scottish Independent, I believe that a compromise will be reached. The English electorate will want ‘English votes for English people’, and quite rightly with such a strong public voice behind them, Scotland should be given more power to govern.

Could it be that Scotland remains part of the Union, but is politically separate, in effect giving both parties what they want? It’s certainly a possibility over the next few months and years.

It is true that I am a Conservative Party member, and I am very pleased with the result, not only because I believe that the economy is better in our hands than in that of Labour, but the decisions which Labour would have made would have not only kept us from moving forward, but would have pulled us back.

Working in the recruitment industry I know the importance of people having jobs, and having 1,000 full-time jobs created every day is something which every party should be pleased happens. Making ‘Zero Hours Contracts’ illegal would be detrimental, especially when the aim is to increase the number of homes built due to the fact that the Construction and Property industry relies heavily on a flexible workforce. The right thing to do is to make ‘exclusive Zero Hour Contracts’ whereby the person in question cannot work for anyone else even if they receive no work is already in place.

It is likely that over the next few days Labour are likely to continue the front that the electorate were bullied into voting Conservatives as they were scared of the SNP; the Liberal Democrats will be considering their role in politics moving forward as all ‘other parties’ combined will most likely have more seats than they do; and the SNP continue to push the agenda for an independent Scotland forward; whilst the Conservatives continue to fix the last few remaining drips from the leaking roof that was left to them 5 years ago.

It was billed to be one of the most exciting nights of the year, and it certainly didn't disappoint!

It was billed to be one of the most exciting nights of the year, and it certainly didn’t disappoint!