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My Bucket List 2

I would like to think that I have many more years left before the time comes where I actually look over this list and see the things which I haven’t completed, and regret not doing something about it. However I think having something written down will not only give me the motivation to complete these things, but also act as an insight into the kind of person I am. Naturally the things which are on my bucket list may be similar to those which appear on other people’s bucket list, mainly that’s because deep down there are things which every human wants to do given the chance. However I think there will be a few things which are different. To make things easier to read, I have divided them up into categories. Travel: Spend Christmas/New Year in the Presidential Suite, Plaza Hotel NYC. Visit a country in every continent. Be the only person on a tropical island for 24 hours. See the Northern Lights. Visit the North/South Poles. Go scuba diving in The Great Barrier Reef. Abseil down the Burj Al Arab hotel. Travel across Thailand, New Zealand and Australia. Go into space. See all the natural wonders of the world.   Fitness: Running: Run 10km  – Booked 18th May 2014. Run a Half Marathon. Run a Full Marathon. Swimming: Swim 1km in open water – Booked 19th July 2014. Swim 5km in open water. Swim 10km in open water. Misc: Get a six-pack. Lift double my bodyweight. Take part in a boxing match.   Life: Raise £10,000 for charity. Mentor a young person through being diagnosed with Crohns Disease.   Big Spender: Drive a Super Car. [June 2013] Own a Super Car. Dine in a Michelin Star restaurant. Have a bank balance of over £1m. Be mortgage/debt free. Own a top spec Mac Pro with three displays. Own the latest Canon Pro SLR with full set of L-Series lenses. Have a fitted suit from Saville Row. Be driven in a Limo. [August 2011] Own a penthouse apartment in at least 5 different countries. Travel 1st Class by every airline on the OneWorld Partnership. Drink a bottle of Champagne which is worth more than £10,000   Madness: Go Skydiving. Go Bungee Jumping. Ride a motorbike in a quarter of a mile drag. Drive a JetSki. [August 2011] Attend a rock concert.   Miscellaneous: Meet The Queen. Meet The Prime Minister. Meet The President of The United States of America. Meet an A-list celebrity. Meet Tim Cook (Apples CEO) Write and have a book published. Appear in the news (for something good). Obtain a Phd.   Events To Attend: An Apple Keynote address. NYE Celebrations in London. Thanksgiving in the USA. A movie premier. The filming of a TV programme.   So that’s it, there are probably a few things which I have missed out, and so will probably have to write an update post, but as it stands, these are the things which I want to do. Considering I’ve only done three of these things, I best get busy!