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007 – Skyfall

Being British James Bond is in your blood, and in fact the very fact you hold a British passport means that you are duty bound to see all James Bond films as soon as possible after they have been released. Fortunately enough I managed to see the latest adventures of the 007 MI6 agent last night, a few days after its release. As with all of James Bond adventures, there is quite a bit of anticipation as to whether it will be the best one yet, what will the story line be, who will be the Bond girls, and what toys/cars will Bond have at his disposal. Due to the fact that Skyfall’s plot is crucial to your enjoyment of it (since the makeup of subsequent Bond films will be affected), I am not going to mention anything by way of the plot, and instead mentioned a few things which I liked, and a few things which I didn’t like. What did I like, well firstly the cast, Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench are simply outstanding. Craig develops on his interpretation of his character this time by coming across as a more cheeky, more rebellious MI6 agent than his predecessors, which in turn allows for a few comedic moments. Dench also makes her position as M known as she takes her seventh role seriously and on many occasions acting as the mother-in-law figure protecting her department from ministers. The storyline was good, although perhaps rushed through a bit, as was the soundtrack. However that is where the good things seemed to end. Firstly Bond cars, non-existent, Bond girls are non-existent, gadgets from Q are almost non-existent and action scenes whilst healthy in number, short lived and not as exciting/action packed as you would expect from this kind of blockbuster. So all in all, I did enjoy the latest Bond film, however if you do see it, you will understand what I mean when I say that I am looking forward to the next adventure of 007 more than I was before. Its a film that has to be seen, however in my opinion, it was not the best Bond film ever made, nor was it the best Bond film that featured Daniel Craig.

Quantum of Solace

So this is one of the first big blockbusters that was released in the UK first, with the Royal family attending the premier, and hundreds of millions being spent on advertising let alone making the film, was it worth the time and money? I realize that by writing this controversial review many people will be up at arms “how can you criticize one of the Great British films of all time”? Well for the simple reason, the story is underdeveloped, left in mid-balance, action is limited, and with sea sickening camera movements, too much of the action sequence is left to the imagination. To continue, the 007 aw-inspiring gadgets were non existent (bar his sh*ty little phone), and appearance of the bond girls was limited. I can understand why people would not agree with this statement. Its because they have the view ‘its James Bond, everyone will like it, and I cant be seen to be the person who criticizes it’ and therefore its got to be the best film in history. Well, to put it ever so bluntly by continuing with that point of view Fleming’s classics will be degraded in future film releases, with fewer gadgets, cars, bond girls, and viewable action sequences etc. Leaving just a film with camera movements so stomach churning that any food bought before hand would be a complete waste of money. I have never been a big fan of Daniel Craig, and that his portrayal of the secret service agent is somewhat arrogant, big headed, and full of himself. I fully accept that the character Bond is ment to be arrogant and big headed, but the arrogance that comes across is Daniel Craig arrogance, and not Bond’s. His portrait of Bond in this film is well, somewhat of a mystery. In Casino Royale, he made his appearance as a ‘comic’ Bond with cheeky one liners left right and center. But with this one, he came across as just having a ‘school boy’ grudge and wanting to get his own back. It had no personality in it, and if Craig had decided to bring more humor to Bond, why did this not show though in this film? Ok, so to sum up, the majority of people reading this review will have a certain element of British patriotism about them, and just like the British Royal family be compelled to see it. I am not suggesting that it is a film to be missed, I do ask that When leaving the cinema and asked by your mates what you think; be honest and tell them what you thing, because 9 times out of 10 they will be thinking the same things as you.