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An Ode To My Darling Brother

David David for today is the day, Nineteen years ago my parents did say, Jonathan we have someone else to join us from now on, A little boy, a brother, a son. For today is your birthday – nineteen years ago, So I have written a little poem – I thought you should know. Over six feet tall you are bigger than me, With feet over size 12 – they should belong to a yeti. For this very reason your birthday present would not fit, However do not fret as I have you another little gift. I take my virtual hat off to you as you have not turned sad, By remaining at home for another year with your parents, and not yet gone mad! So from this little boy that followed me around, You have grown into this big brother whom speaks his mind aloud. That is not a bad thing as you have a heart of pure gold, Something that you will have until you are 120 years old. This is the fifth stanza whereas others have only had four, But don’t tell our darling sister as she will want more. Your poem is longer because you are older and comic timing is candid I understand you more – apart from your obsession with Manchester United. Ive run out of things to say and you want to sit on the sofa, Is it to watch the lamp that is made out of lava? So with that I shall write this the penultimate line, Of your nineteenth birthday rhyme.