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Harry Potter And The Dealthy Hallows – Part 1 11

Having just come back from the latest Harry Potter film, I thought I would put key to keyboard and give you all my views on what the latest blockbuster was like. Before we go any further I would like to make clear that I have neither read the book of this film, or of previous Harry Potter films. I would also like to make clear that I will not be spoiling the plot, making this review perfectly safe for those who have yet to see it. I was lucky enough to get a seat in the IMAX, the large cinema screen. Normally I refuse to pay extra for either the IMAX or 3D experience, however with this film receiving so much hype I thought why not. Having seen both Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint grow up on the silver screen, in parts it is hard to believe the teenage roll the now mid twenties actors are playing. There is action with wizard battles, comedy with the Weasley Brothers, and a lot of romance (a bit X-rated in places) which all adds to the film. Speaking to some Harry Potter purists, they do believe that it deviates from the book, however having not read the book I wouldn’t be able to comment on this. I do know that having split the final book up into two parts is probably a wise move, as part one was over two hours twenty minutes long; meaning that if part two was to follow suit, there would be the need for a toilet break half way through. Overall I did enjoy the film, however I do feel that it fell far short of the hype and praise that had been drummed up in the press. The majority of the screen time is shared by Harry, Ron and Hermione, and whilst they are the stars of the show, the humor of the sexual tension between Ron and Hermione wears thin, as does powerless acting of Harry. Magic was a little thin on the ground to. Having seen Hollywood at its best in the first handful of films, only a fist full of spells were cast; after all they are magicians, so a little bit of magic wouldn’t go a miss. Not being a Harry Potter fanatic I left the cinema wanting to know what I gained from part 1, what I would not gain from part 2. There were lovers tiffs, which I expect to see in part 2 and the hunting down of Horcruxes, which I expect to see in part 2. Ultimately whilst the story splitting into two parts was necessary from a time point of view; from a story point of view I feel that nothing which wasn’t said in this part, wont be said in the second. To give Harry Potter And The Dealthy Hallows – Part 1 a rating, I would have to say 6.5 out of 10. Special effects were good if few and far between, humor was good if not a little thin, but the biggest draw back of all was that I didn’t feel any element of Harry’s story being told that wont be mentioned in a years time.

Saw 3D

You can call me sick, messed up, mentally ill or indeed a combination of all three; either way I enjoy seeing morbid things on screen, and think that when the time calls for it, nothing can beat a good horror/thriller film. There is no doubt that when you speak of horror films, the one franchise of films that spring to most peoples mind are the Saw films by Twisted Pictures. Now if you think I am messed up by enjoying watching the films, how ill are the people who write them? The Saw series released their first 3D venture in their seventh film, and even though I am strongly apposed to paying the 3D tax, I thought that if there was a film that 3D summoned, it would be Saw. The fact that I like seeing the story pan out is good in any dimension, where the third is useful is feeling the horror, pain and suffering that you see on screen. I am quite immune to the pain that is displayed before me. Having Crohn’s disease means that I know the true meaning of discomfort and as such found the previous 6 films, not a pleasant experience to watch, but I didn’t run for cover nor cower behind my popcorn. Saw 3D was different. Trying to touch the storyline as little as possible, 3D allowed you to be part of the action and get involved in the film. I wasn’t scared of the horror that I saw before me, I did however jump and wince on occasion. Now touching the storyline briefly. The Saw films are good for one thing, for being gruesome, and there is plenty of it, you see blood, guts and hear people screaming; what it isn’t good for is a great storyline. For those who watched the first six you will know that Jigsaw is no more, the seventh film is about continuing the game to rehabilitate people. In my opinion the ‘chosen one’ and the connection to the ‘victims’ is wooly at best, and only solves as an excuse to show gory torture. To sum it up, I dont think that this is the last Saw film that we will see, as it is not only gets peoples heart racing but is guaranteed a loyal following. The only thing that I feel this film fell down where the others didnt is the level of mystery was lacking. Previous Saw films had you saying ‘ahhhhhh so thats how it happened’, this film I left with the feeling ‘what was the connection’. Ultimately I give it 6.5 out of 10; great horror and gore, but lacking the story lines and mystery that the previous Saw films had given us.

Quantum of Solace

So this is one of the first big blockbusters that was released in the UK first, with the Royal family attending the premier, and hundreds of millions being spent on advertising let alone making the film, was it worth the time and money? I realize that by writing this controversial review many people will be up at arms “how can you criticize one of the Great British films of all time”? Well for the simple reason, the story is underdeveloped, left in mid-balance, action is limited, and with sea sickening camera movements, too much of the action sequence is left to the imagination. To continue, the 007 aw-inspiring gadgets were non existent (bar his sh*ty little phone), and appearance of the bond girls was limited. I can understand why people would not agree with this statement. Its because they have the view ‘its James Bond, everyone will like it, and I cant be seen to be the person who criticizes it’ and therefore its got to be the best film in history. Well, to put it ever so bluntly by continuing with that point of view Fleming’s classics will be degraded in future film releases, with fewer gadgets, cars, bond girls, and viewable action sequences etc. Leaving just a film with camera movements so stomach churning that any food bought before hand would be a complete waste of money. I have never been a big fan of Daniel Craig, and that his portrayal of the secret service agent is somewhat arrogant, big headed, and full of himself. I fully accept that the character Bond is ment to be arrogant and big headed, but the arrogance that comes across is Daniel Craig arrogance, and not Bond’s. His portrait of Bond in this film is well, somewhat of a mystery. In Casino Royale, he made his appearance as a ‘comic’ Bond with cheeky one liners left right and center. But with this one, he came across as just having a ‘school boy’ grudge and wanting to get his own back. It had no personality in it, and if Craig had decided to bring more humor to Bond, why did this not show though in this film? Ok, so to sum up, the majority of people reading this review will have a certain element of British patriotism about them, and just like the British Royal family be compelled to see it. I am not suggesting that it is a film to be missed, I do ask that When leaving the cinema and asked by your mates what you think; be honest and tell them what you thing, because 9 times out of 10 they will be thinking the same things as you.

Ghost Town

Is this perhaps the funniest film that has been released in 2008? I for one think so! Ricky Gervais has started to become a man who appears more on the silver screen than he does on the box. Is acting career has gone from strenght to strength and having watched this film I can see why. So what is so great about the film? Firstly it has that feel good factor in it. A bad guy turning good and going from helpless to helpful. It has the emotion factor, tears of laughter quickly turn to tears of sadness in the space of a few seconds. Finally it has the romance factor. Being an old softy (and knowing there are many more out there), I couldn’t help but wish Gervais’s character Bertram Pincus to do the right thing, and find happiness. The story of a man seeing dead people is not a new one, however the plot has traditionally been on that is reserved for horror films, with the like and Hide and Seek. However this film is different, It is a comedy and with that Gervais is tasked with stopping a ghosts wife from marrying again. With Gervais playing a dentist who has problems communicating & interacting with people is one that results in many laughable comments both made and aimed at him. I have deliberately left this review vague for the simple reason, it is a brilliant film, and well worth 90 minutes of your time to go and see, take my word, it will be the best 90 minutes spent in the cinema this year.

Iron Man 1

Im going to start of by stating that I strongly believe that this is a ‘guys film’ (im sorry if that upsets the females reading this). The reason being it has everything we would want in it; fast cars, gadgets and the occasional good looking female. I even think that the story line focused around weapons being developed by a billionaire and ending up into terrorist hands, is aimed at entertaining my ‘brothers’ rather than ‘sisters’. This is not to say that girls wont enjoy it, its just a word of warning, that they might focus their attention on the dress Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing, and therefore waste the price of a ticket. A ticket that you could have spent taking another one of the lads with you. I enjoyed every moment of this film, even though I had not read the comics/see the cartoon that this movie was created from and this did not deter me from laughing at the occasional jokes. I enjoyed the storyline, action sequences and sound track. This film has everything going for it, action, big names, (limited) comedy, great sound track, and a good pace, a film that will certainly be purchased on DVD. Defiantly one worth watching, and a film that certainly deserves the five stars that I award it!


Humm, two opinions of this film. The first one is that its different. Created by the same people who created the popular TV program ‘Lost’ the film is seen though a video camera held by one of the actors. This gives the film a ‘different’ viewing perspective although parts of the film could have been viewed from more than one angle. This film reminded me very much of Godzilla, in that it was filmed in New York, had a lizard creature that was threatening humanity, and there was a basic love interest. I don’t think that this film is worth the hype that it has been given. Action sequences were underdeveloped, areas of the film were incredibly far-fetched (like the camera battery lasting for over 2 hours, and not bleeding to death after a metal pipe has been though your chest). This film took an interesting take at portraying a story, it was slow to get started, far-fetched and in my opinion, a film that you can give a miss!


Wow Wow Wow, where do I start? It has the names (Samuel L Jackson & Hayden Christensen), it has the story (a teenager having the super power to teleport from one place to the other), as well as the action sequences to keep you gripped to your seats. One moment your in NYC, the next in Egypt on the top of a pyramid. The film is well paced, and perfectly timed. CGI is lined into the film seamlessly creating a film (that even though is without a single joke) is well worth seeing. Ok its not gonna be a blockbuster, (the only thing that prevents if from getting 5 stars) however I will defiantly be dreaming about having Christensen’s power tonight, something that I am both looking forward to, and wish to bottle. My verdict, a film that is well worth the cinema entrance fee, due to the fact that afterwards you will have the best dream ever, that you will be able to do anything you ever wanted, what could be better than that?

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (AVP 2)

This was the first AVP movie I had seen so excuse the harsh rating if your an AVP fan. There are several flaws with this movie, its too long (by about 20 minutes), is filmed mostly in the dark so you cant see whats happening on screen. As well as the Aliens looking very similar to the Predators, meaning that even if you were to understand the storyline you couldn’t make head or tail which team was winning or loosing. So I am no longer an AVP virgin. Was I glad I lost my virginity tonight? Not really, yep it had plenty of action (that is a must), but it was all in the dark, and personally I like to see whats happening. For all you AVP lovers, there will be a follow up to this film, is it one that I am looking forward to, not really no.