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A Not So Brief Catchup

Finally my exams have come to a close, which of course means one thing, another chapter of my education has come to an end. The GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) is now over which is gives rise to a few emotions; happiness that I have taken one more step in my journey to become a barrister, however this is of course tainted with the fact that I will have to say goodbye to a few friends. Thankfully the majority of the people who I hung around with are also undertaking their professional qualifications at Manchester Metropolitan University, so it will only be a short summers break before meeting up again. You may recall that there way a few issues with one of my exams having to be rescheduled due to a power cut and fire alarm evacuation. To update you on this, the initial idea to have the exam held giving us two days notice was changed, and it took place after the Jubilee Bank Holiday, giving us plenty of time to prepare. The criminal law paper comprised of questions of identical topics, and similar level of difficulty, so I don’t think there will be much of an issue with regards to outcome. Both myself and other students affected are still having conversations with MMU with regards to why we weren’t permitted to continue our paper when others were, however the main thing is that this is now behind us. The exam period itself was quite a stressful one, which saw me disappear from twitter for several weeks. I started revision mid easter and thank g-d I did. Upon returning to uni I released how much work there was to do, and that by starting when I did was a great idea. The two weeks on the run up to exams I took up residence in the library that was open 24/7 for exam season. I often spent over 10 hours a day there, with the average amount being 12. By the end of the exam period I was almost on first name terms with the security guards and library staff! I think this amount of work paid off, as unlike my A-levels (and to some extent my undergraduate degree) I do feel quite happy with my performance in the seven exams that I sat. Yes I don’t think im going to set the world alight with my performance in Land Law, however that topic aside I am quite happy with my performance and (I know I shouldn’t jinx it) am looking forward to the results that are published mid July. For those undertaking the GDL next year, I can’t stress enough how much work it is. I was told by a family friend how much work it was and I thought she was exaggerating, having come to the end I can say that if anything she was understating the fact. Studying 7 modules across a year, with 7 exams at the end of it, on top of taking part in extra curricular activities such as mooting and pro-bono work makes it a year of being on the go constantly. However the bonus of undertaking so much law in such a small amount of time is that you really do learn a lot of useful information. Yes I didn’t enjoy every aspect of EU Law, Land Law, or Public Law, however modules such as Free Movement of Persons, Registered Land and Police & Criminal Evidence Act affect each and everyone of us more than you would think. By having a greater understanding of such issues allows you to help yourself and others in certain situations. As last year, and in particular the last few weeks was very stressful, my online presence has been significantly less, and for those who follow me on twitter I do apologise. Next week (19th June) my parents have very kindly treated me to a weeks away in New York City. I am going with a friend from Leeds who has not been to NYC, and although I went last year our trip is still going to be full of things which I did not do last time, such as viewing a Broadway Show. The sad thing is that due to time constraints, I still have not viewed the photos from last year! Just as with last year, I have created a site to which will aggregate photos, blog posts and tweets from NYC, you can view it here: http://www.nyc2012.jonathanisaacs.com Apart from that, I hope all my readers are well, and will speak to you again soon. Jonathan x

Happy Valentines Day To You 2

Well another year has gone by and February 14th is upon us once again, and that date can only mean one thing, the dreaded Valentines day. Personally I think the meaning is now lost, it seems to be a competition to see whom has received the most valentines day cards, for example on February 15th, what is the first question you are greeted with? “Did you receive any valentines day cards, and if so how many?” It is almost as if love has been turned into a competition. In a world where there is so much hatred and war going on, it is nice to see that a day that celebrates love still exists, however for some it is often overshadowed because they have no-one to love. This is where I think they are wrong! Everyone has someone they love and whom they can wish a Happy Valentines day to. There are people who are in our lives who we may not be physically attracted to, but do love, as they have either been with us from a young age, shared special memories with or been through the same tough times. These people you arguably love just as much as you would do (or perhaps even more so) a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, you simply love them in a different way. Personally, I think Valentines day has been highjacked by some couples, and its time that we reclaim this day for day we can all love. So after all of that, whom am I wishing a Happy Valentines Day to: * My family; including Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Nephews (if I have any), Nieces and Cousins. * Manchester Metropolitan University Girlies and Ian. * University of Salford People; in particular Harry Power, Stevie Ball and Sarah Capjon. * My followers on Twitter * My readers of my blog.