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Back With Flickr Again…

I don’t know of any other service on the Internet that provides 1TB of free data storage. Flickr since did away with the upload limit, and offered all of its accounts 1TB of data for free, up until now Flickr and I have always been heading in the opposite directions, however now, we are both singing from the same song sheet and heading to our destination together.

I Am Back, No My iPhone 4 Didn’t Eat Me

It would appear by my lack of blogging recently that the iPhone 4 had eaten me as I haven’t blogged since 27th June 2010, and my appearances on Twitter have been sporadic to say the least. Now I can only but apologize for this, life has been very hectic to say the least, so I am hoping to condense the last 4-5 months down into one blog post, with areas of significance receiving their own dedicated post within the next few days/weeks. Since the last time we spoke was during the summer holidays, and me working, I shall briefly fill you in. As per previous years my role within the company I worked for wasn’t fixed, with this years role being an ‘efficiency consultant’. I experienced life in several departments, and at the end of the summer period presented a report to the management where efficiency (and hence costs) could be improved upon. Sadly I do feel that this year was the last year that I will be working for said company – however more about that later. 1st September 2010 saw the announcement of the new AppleTV. For those of you who have read my blog and twitter feed, will know that I am one of the biggest Apple fan boys going. So it would come as to no surprise to learn that I pre-ordered one for my home in Salford. First thoughts are that it is an amazing piece of kit, one that has changed my TV and media consumption habits for the better. I will be writing a separate blog post on the AppleTV at a later date to cover unboxing, methods of managing/updating my iTunes content and more in-depth thoughts on Apples latest gadget. September also saw the moving into my new house in Salford with 5 of my closest university friends. Since my first two years of university were spent in private, catered halls, having to ‘fend for myself’ was a little daunting at first. However I think I have got it all covered. Ok, I dont do student life like a typical student, I do have food delivered rather than shop, I do have a glass of wine when I have a bath, and I dont eat pot noodle on toast. Once again, you shall be updated properly in due course. University life kicked off with a bang, with International Welcome and Freshers Weeks. I was hired as a student host by the University, which involved taking groups of tours round campus as well as on trips round the north of England. My love of photography was re-kindled as the photographs that I took were not only featured in the student newspaper, but were purchased by the University itself to be used for future advertising. You can see photos taken on my new Flickr feed: (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jisaacs/collections/72157625219835662/) The University also commissioned a report on me, that was published on the student channel, you can see that below: October was not only the month I turned 21 but also me going down to Oxford for a BMAF Seminar. Each head of a business school at universities are asked to join the Business Management Accountancy Finance team, and each year they hold conferences do summarize what they are doing right, and what can be improved upon. I was selected as one of 20 student representatives to go down and express my views on certain issues. The trip involved 1st class train travel, and seeing some of the most beautiful architecture I had seen. Since the first trip I, with a fellow student have been invited back down to Oxford in the new year, to take up a seat on the BMAF board. Finally, Wednesday 10th November 2010, incorrectly described by Sky News as “A National State of Emergency”, was the student demo down in London. I attended as photographer for the student newspaper, and as a student (who is a Tory party member) can honestly say that from where I stood the protest occurred peacefully. Yes I am a Conservative party member, but that doesn’t mean that I need to agree with every policy, and even tho there was violence at Millbank tower, both the police and NUS agree that it was not started by students rather anarchists who were simply ‘along for the ride’. The student demo was attended by 20,000 more protesters than organizers thought, so police were unprepared, however that was no excuse for fire extinguishers to be thrown from buildings to officers below. Overall I feel that the majority of students protested peacefully and made their views know to both Conservative and Liberal Democrat MP’s that student cuts are not something that they are willing to accept. So that is the past several months summed up into one blog post. I am back in Leeds for the weekend, as I am seeing Top Gear being filmed down in Birmingham on Sunday, so will update you all accordingly. Apart from that, I hope that my appearances on Twitter will increase and thank you for both reading my blog, and continuing to follow my movements. Jonathan