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Don’t Wrestle A SUMO, Embrace Him

Ive never reviewed a book, mainly because having been a student for 5 years I’ve not really had the change of reading a book for pleasure. Since law books would not make an interesting subject for a review its not something I’ve done up until now. I read SUMO over one weekend in September, and I must say its a brilliant book, whether you’re a student, medic or artist – there is something everyone can take from it.

AudioBook Converter For Mac

DRM will forever be annoying the genuine consumer of digital products. Some suppliers of digital media have tamed down the restrictions, however others have not, including those within the AudioBook market. AudioBook Converter For Mac helps you enjoy the media you legally purchased in seconds.

Braun 7 Series Electric Shaver

Most boys start doing it when they are teenagers. Most men do it every day, with a select few choosing to do it every other. Women also do it, but do it less frequently and talk about it less. I am of course talking about shaving. Being a working man, going to work clean shaven is now more important than going to uni clean-shaven, and as such required some new tech!